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Another wave of glass bone repair goes offline. how difficult is it to get glass bone repair off the line?

by linbin on April 17, 2020
In March, it was reported that many shops in the north of Huaqiang were converted to sell Glass bone Repair. Now some friends have reported that they often go to Huaqiangbei Electronic Mall, and some of the formerly popular glass bong repair counters have also been removed.

  When I knew the "familiar road of light vehicles", when I came to Huaqiang North City, where I had been before, I did find that several glass bong repair counters were empty, and the original shops had been transferred to other enterprises to sell ordinary digital products and mobile phone accessories.

  It is not clear whether we will move out before the end of April, suspend business or move to other markets. "In a stall selling online singing equipment, the seller said that the glass bong repair counter next door had just moved away for more than a month. The counter opened in early 2018 and has been open for more than a year, but it has quietly moved away.
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  China Merchants revealed that at the beginning of April this year, no one was looking after the counter, but there were still some goods in the glass counter until the end of April. The new store is not clear whether the other party has closed or moved away.

  There are four or five glass pipes custom vendors in our store, and two on this floor. Both are brand monopolies. The shopkeeper told me that they used to pass the glass bone repair counter. Before they closed down, they thought business had been good. Many people came to pick up the goods. In addition, many consumers experience "tasting fresh" on the counter every day. There are many buyers like Indonesia and Pakistan. When they smoke glass bong repair, they often go to the counter to talk about things and smoke everywhere. .

  The "number of door-to-door visits" at the Glass bone Repair counter is the envy of many digital merchandisers including them. Even if there are new and strange digital outlets, there are also a small number of glass pipes custom who want to observe the feedback from the market. "This should have happened in the second half of last year. Obviously, there has been a sudden increase in the number of glass bone repair shops in the store.

  I think the business is very good and there should be more and more glass bone repair counters. I didn't expect these families to send (information) one by one in March and April, and the others on this floor will leave early. "Businessmen speculate that it may be the" wind "heard by the dealers that makes these counters produce such pressure response.

  As for what "wind" is, shops are not sure. In addition, after the Glass bone Repair counter was empty, some buyers came to ask, and even some foreign faces asked them to "go" to the counter, which made them very curious.

  If my family goes bankrupt, I don't think any customers will ask them where they went. "They will only go to another store to pick up the goods." Businessmen joked that the mall can attract so many repeat customers. It is estimated that there are only glass bong repair counters and a wide range of sprayers with prices of several hundred yuan or even several thousand yuan, but there are still many tourists.

  According to the merchants, there is a lot of profit margin in the price of the next product, so it is no wonder that many people will come back later, "but even if you quit the store, you should say hello to the relationship you knew before, right? Many people are still looking for them when they are in a hurry to leave.

  After reading the notes of commercial buildings, it was found that this is not a new property management regulation that allows the glass bong repair counter to be evacuated, transferred or closed. So, will there be "wind" in the near future?