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Heavyweight! Another glass pipes for sale brand, "JVE non-Self", has a place in the fierce market competition.

by linbin on April 16, 2020
Recently, a famous vice president of American media published a critical article, pointing out that Britain has developed glass pipes custom into an effective tobacco control method through a gradual and orderly glass pipes for sale regulatory system. In the UK, health officials believe glass pipes for sale is a safe substitute for traditional cigarettes and an effective way to quit smoking. At least one. According to a new report by the Ministry of Public Health, 3 million people quit smoking because of glass pipes for sale.

  In fact, the taste, smoke and throat of glass pipes for sale are not much different from real smoke, but the overall hazard coefficient is lower than real smoke. As a new trend of science and technology, under the supervision of various countries, glass pipes for sale is still alive and is expected to become the next consumption myth, leading to the improvement and promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the new era.

  The rapid growth of the glass pipes for sale industry provides opportunities for the development of new brands. In 2018, China's glass pipes for sale market totaled US$ 560 million, with a CAGR of 68% in six years. In terms of user penetration rate, China's glass pipes for sale has a penetration rate of only 1% among 350 million smokers, far lower than the 13% in the US market.

  High growth rate combined with low permeability, China's glass pipes for sale market still has a lot of room for development, "JVE non-self quickly grasped this information. JVE is not me "is the fashion glass pipes for sale brand owned by my technology. It is understood that the non-self technology company was established in 2019 and is a global enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of glass pipes for sale. However, it is this new glass pipes for sale brand that has already secured 100 million US dollars of financing before the product was introduced, making it a dark horse in a rapidly rising industry.
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  The development of domestic glass pipes for sale has not yet entered the Red Sea market, but Yuechao, Flute, Fulu and other brands have rapidly set off a fan wave with their respective advantages. "How can we find a way of life in the glass pipes for sale market?" Cai Shaodong, chief executive officer of non-technology companies, showed full confidence. He said that Shenzhen is the base of Glass Pipes for Sales, accounting for 90% of the world's production. It is already the first opportunity to lay out the blueprint for Glass Pipes for Sales. "On the other hand, members of the JVE non-Self team include US executives, 4A advertisers, senior experts in glass pipes for sale, Internet product managers, etc. The powerful alliance has given birth to the excellent soil of "JVE" non-self "unicorn" in the future industry and has won the favor of capital. On the other hand, after the products went on the market, the team deeply combined the products with the current market and developed a series of combination games, namely online and offline parallel: to consolidate the strength of products and supply chains, to serve Chinese smokers with higher quality and safer products and brands, and to meet the new requirements of supervision and quality. At the same time, three-dimensional strategic layout of channels should be established to enrich the whole channel system.

  JVE Non-Self, as a new brand, has also done enough work in product design: the profile is made of aviation aluminum, and the surface is anodized (with advantages of more wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc. compared with drying paint process), with two kinds of anodizing (richer color matching) instead of one anodizing (single color), making its color more delicate, feel better, and wear resistant; The use of numerical control edge cutting technology and the use of numerical control precision engraving technology for signs are finer and more wear-resistant than screen printing or radium engraving technology. The main control chip has written more safety programs, such as over-suction protection, over-rush protection, short-circuit protection, atomizer identification, etc., to make the product safer.

  JVE non-Self "defines the new fashion life of fashion brands and continues to make breakthroughs in the field of atomized glass pipes for sale. It has a top research and development team. JVE "believes that successful products must be recognized by consumers, and in-depth understanding of the core needs and expectations of target users is the value of the brand. We have reason to believe that in the future, the new glass pipes price brand, led by JVE, is committed to making glass pipes for sale a lifestyle that will eventually release young people's avant-garde attitude from outside to inside and become a fashion trend.