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Behind the Way Out of Shenzhen's "Cigarette Sale": glass bong amazon's Internal and External Concerns

by linbin on April 23, 2020
Earlier this year, glass bond amazon became a hot spot for venture capital. In January this year alone, Hammer Technology's first employee Zhu Xiaomu, Tongmendashu Cai Yuedong, chairman of MicroMedia Holdings Li Yan and others came on stage to launch their own GlassBond Amazon brand.

  Entrepreneurs are competing in a $10 billion market. According to the soochow securities research report, in 2017, the global traditional Glass Bond Amazon (excluding heating and non-ignition Glass Bond Amazon) earned 12 billion US dollars, up 20% year-on-year. According to data from the China Business Industry Research Institute, China's GlassBond Amazon market will exceed 800 million US dollars this year.

  Crazy entrants and swarming capital, this scene is not difficult to recall when the block chain was just starting.
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  Like the chain of blocks, this $10 billion blue ocean is not calm. On June 26, Shenzhen passed a new smoking ban and clear glass bong amazon was officially blacklisted. This law will come into effect on October 1. Therefore, Shenzhen has become another Forbidden City in China after Hong Kong, Macao and Hangzhou.

  Put the time back four months ago. At the 315 party, CCTV exposed the hazards of Glass bond Amazon, such as nicotine addiction and formaldehyde exceeding the standard. For a while, glass bond amazon became the focus of controversy.

  The small glass bond amazon industry has always been accompanied by doubts and controversies. Will the investment channel of block chain be the same as that of block chain? Bitcoin recently returned to $13,000, a two-week high. With the long silence of the block chain, where will the Glass bond Amazon industry go?