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Magic Flute glass pipes raised 31 million US dollars in one round, with jade capital leading the investment.

by linbin on April 23, 2020
Recently, it is known that glass pipes amazon prime and glass pipes brand "Magic Flute Player Morty" have completed a round of 31 million US dollars financing led by Heyu Capital. In December 2018, Motiglass pipes received a previous investment of US$ 10 million from Zhensheng Fund.

  Moti is affiliated to Shenzhen Yan Lei Technology Co., Ltd. and was established in November 2018. Moti is a manufacturer and distributor of glass pipes. Moti is owned by two kinds of smog glass pipes, namely "Morty Flute" and "Magic". "Moti" and "Mojo" use nicotine salts instead of free nicotine, and the absorption rate of nicotine has increased from less than 1% in the past to 5%, close to real tobacco.
How much is a genius pipe?
  It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of this year, Moti also made brand contact with the domestic sci-fi blockbuster "Roaming the Earth" and launched limited edition products.

  It is understood that Moti glass pipes is mainly divided into domestic and overseas businesses. It is estimated that the domestic business will reach 2 billion yuan GMV. This year, it has signed more than 70,000 online stores, and it is estimated that the overseas business will reach 500 million yuan GMV, currently covering 12 countries in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

  According to BlueCave's business report glass pipes amazon, data show that Moti generated nearly 140 million yuan of revenue and about 10 million yuan of net profit in the first quarter of 2019.