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How long will this glass pipes burn?

by linbin on April 22, 2020
A seemingly profitable industry has become a loss-making enterprise. How long will it take for glass pipes, which has just entered the capital's fast lane, to catch fire?

  At present, almost all glass pipes brands suffer from oil leakage. "One suit, four cigarette bombs, two of which leaked oil." Glass pipes users gave feedback. In order to ensure that the smoke bombs will not leak oil, they have accidentally become part of the glass pipes brand as a promotion point for the product.

  The problem is that buying cigarette bombs is the key to the future profitability of the glass pipes brand. Liu Huidong revealed that the cost of a cigarette bomb is several yuan, but the average price exceeds that of 20 yuan, which is the highest profit margin.

  However, the market has not yet formed a high frequency of repurchase. In Zhao Yangbo's view, the cheap glass pipes brand has three ways to break through. One is to spend a lot of money on marketing and let users know about the products through marketing. Second, we should reduce the profit to a very low level, and even seize the channel at a loss. Third, we should indulge in making products and crack down on brands through the quality of products. But at present, the vast majority of brands are taking the second path.

  Although Internet celebrities such as Luo Yonghao, Zhu Xiaomu and Cai Yuedong have increased their chances of contacting glass pipes with their own traffic. Leading brands such as Fulu, Magic Flute and Shanlan have also been heavily invested in music festivals and other activities. However, the feedback from the domestic market is slow and long.

  The key is quantity, not rise. glass pipes' making money is empty talk. "in Yu lei's view, the core of glass pipes' profitability lies in sales. Sales are too low to cover costs and break even.

  Does glass pipes have a future market?

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  Another inevitable problem is policy supervision, which depends to a large extent on the status of the regulatory agencies.
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  On July 22, Mao Qunnan, director of the planning department of the National Health Council, said it was necessary to strictly strengthen the supervision of glass bowl pipe. He stressed the health hazards of glass pipes and said that the Health and Hygiene Committee was cooperating with relevant departments to carry out a glass pipes regulatory study.

  China Tobacco is also a mountain in front of glass pipes. Yu lei believes that the domestic glass pipes industry is still too early and China's tobacco has not yet been sold. "A super giant of government and enterprise has emerged. Have you considered this feeling? It is not yet time for peers to fight each other and look at each other with poor daggers.

  Zhao Yangbo believes that there may be three major trends in glass pipes in the future. First, the government will implement a licensing system and open up the market. This is the worst case for the glass pipes brand. The second is to implement a tax system to control glass hand pipes as electronic products but levy taxes according to tobacco standards. Third, the government controls the upstream of glass pipes, such as controlling the core raw material nicotine salt.

  However, there is an obvious trend that more and more Internet talents are pouring into the Internet industry. Both Wang Ying and Fu Luzhu, Luo Yonghao and Cai Yuedong are experienced Internet professionals. In addition, Guo Guangdong, a former senior vice president of Pinto Duo PR, and Fang Hui, a former senior director of marketing PR at Douyu also joined the glass pipes industry and used more online games in the new round of marketing battle.

  How much does cool glass pipes earn? It can be concluded that this is not a profiteering business at present.