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It is natural that the scope of tobacco control regulations includes helix glass pipe.

by linbin on April 22, 2020
The World Health Organization recently released the "2019 Global Tobacco Epidemic Report," saying that "although no conclusive assessment has been made on the specific risks caused by glass rose pipe, there is no doubt that glass rose pipe is harmful". The report reminds the government and consumers not to believe the tobacco company's promotion of products such as glass rose pipe. The "small damage of glass rose pipe" is only the propaganda strategy of tobacco companies, and the regulation of glass rose pipe market should be strengthened. A week before the World Health Organization (WHO) released the above report, China's National Health Committee held a press conference. The Health China Action Promotion Committee Office explained the tobacco control actions of the "Health China Action". The survey shows that the National Health Council is cooperating with relevant departments to study the supervision of glass rose pipe and plans to regulate helix glass pipe through legislation. " (Beijing Youth Daily, August 2, 2019).

  Mao Qunnan, Director of the Planning Department of China's National Health and Hygiene Commission, said at a press conference on July 22, 2019 that the harm of discount glass pipes should be given high attention. At present, the National Health Committee is cooperating with relevant departments to study the supervision of glass rose pipe and plans to regulate glass rose pipe through legislation. Mao Qunnan said that this study found that the aerosol produced by glass rose pipe contains many toxic and harmful substances, and various additives in glass rose pipe also have health risks. In addition, many glass rose pipe products contain ambiguous nicotine concentration markers, which can easily lead to excessive consumption by users. At the same time, there are potential safety hazards such as battery explosion, smoke screen penetration, high temperature burns, etc.
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  The author does not smoke and belongs to non-smokers. his understanding of glass rose pipe is that glass rose pipe is also a way of smoking, but the smoking process of glass rose pipe seems to be hidden. Glass rose pipe is an electronic product imitating cigarettes. It has the same appearance, smoke, taste and sensation as cigarettes. It converts nicotine, etc. into steam by other means such as atomization so that users can smoke and become a product.

  Battery-powered glass rose pipe has been misunderstood as a tool to help smokers quit smoking. they think glass rose pipe is harmless to health. According to media reports, a research team from Athens University in Greece said that even short-term use of helix glass pipe would cause the same or more serious harm to human body as cigarettes. In mouse experiments, researchers found that the additive contained in glass rose pipe can cause considerable lung inflammation, even more serious than that caused by traditional cigarettes. The co-author of Athens University in Greece, Dr. ConstaninosGlynos, said that we have come to the conclusion that both glass rose pipe and traditional cigarettes have negative effects on the lungs. His findings, published in a British study, also show that the negative symptoms of electronic smoking are similar to those of traditional smokers and patients with chronic lung diseases, and promote the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

  Many people are aware of the dangers of cigarettes, but it is not yet clear whether free glass pipe samples are harmful. Some people even think that glass rose pipe can make people "smoke healthily". Studies have shown that glass rose pipe is seven times as toxic as cigarettes and can cause a variety of cancers, which have been banned in many countries. Starting from January 1, 2019, Hangzhou's new version of the "strictest smoking control order"-the "Hangzhou public places smoking control regulations" has been officially implemented. Among them, glass rose pipe is also included, taking the first step in this country.

  In Thailand, China's nearest neighbor, there are legal requirements for the supervision of glass rose pipe from use to sale. According to Thai law, Thailand prohibits glass rose pipe and it is illegal to carry, use, import, export and sell glass rose pipe in Thailand. Among them, the maximum penalty for carrying or using glass rose pipe is a fine of five years or no more than 500,000 baht (about 100,000 yuan), or both. For import, export and sale, the maximum penalty is 10 years or a fine of less than 1 million Thai baht (about 200,000 yuan) or a fine. In January 2018, the Chinese embassy in Thailand reminded the vast number of Chinese citizens coming to Thailand to strictly abide by the laws and regulations on glass rose pipe, avoid unnecessary troubles and ensure smooth traffic.

  Traditional cigarettes on the market and the rise of glass rose pipe in recent years have had negative effects on human health in related fields. In the tobacco control work, glass rose pipe is included in the anti-smoking category and controlled by legislation. The public health environment has been further consolidated and expanded, and the protection of the rights and interests of non-smokers has also been improved.