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The ban on the use of seasoned glass gravity bong in new york will appeal to users to oppose it through the Steam Association on April 1.

by linbin on April 21, 2020
Vaping 360 reported on March 31 that New York lawmakers will vote in the next two days on a state budget bill that currently includes a ban on all scented glass bong bowls products, including bottled electronic liquids. The budget must be approved before April 1 in order to keep the state running in the new fiscal year.

  Governor AndrewCuomo proposed in his national budget to ban all flavors except tobacco. If passed, the national health department will be given the power to limit the fragrance of glass gravity bong.

  "Although time is running out, all new york glass gravity bong users, friends and family members who have not contacted elected officials can still use Casa's appeal to urge their new york lawmakers and senators to oppose the ban.
plain glass bong
  (New York State Steam Association)-The New York State Steam Association has put forward proposals for action on social media and has drawn up a list of important legislators, mainly by telephone. Nothing can stop the legislation except the noise of thick glass bongs users, store employees and shopkeepers.

  In recent weeks, anti-smoking activists have used the tragic spread of coronavirus to make the public worry that smoking is a possible risk factor for infection with the virus and may also be a negative consequence of cvid-19 disease caused by the virus. Although there is no conclusive evidence to support this claim, it does not prevent tobacco control personnel from persuading New York lawmakers that banning aromatic electronic liquids will prevent the death of cvid-19.

  According to the governor, this year's state tax revenue may be as high as 15 billion US dollars, as the coronavirus epidemic has swept through new york City and other parts of the state. Legislative leaders are negotiating with the governor via videoconference to determine the inevitable sources of budget cuts. The legislature is currently finalizing a plan for a remote vote on the draft budget.

  It is hoped that the governor and legislators will give up the ban on spices and other complicated parts of the bill (legalization of marijuana is also included in the proposed legislation) in order to allow the budget to pass smoothly, but no one should expect this to happen without strong demands from the users of Glass Gravity Bond and Glass Gravity Bond.

  Governor Cuomo has always supported taxation and restrictions on Glass gravi bong. Last September, Governor Cuomo issued an "emergency" ban on the use of scented glass gravity bong. When the glass pipes and bongs industry sued the state, a panel of judges shelved the spice ban in October this year. In January this year, a state Supreme Court judge overturned the ban and ruled that the governor exceeded his authority.