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West Sue Changed to Play glass water pipesK1 Hand Evaluation: Amazing Design, Extraordinary Experience

by linbin on April 20, 2020
As an old smoker, he always meets the habit of smoking, but he cannot smoke. In order to solve this problem, the author used a large number of glass water pipes products before and after. Recently, the CISOO Sisu changed to glass water pipesK1. After several days of experience, I feel a lot. Today I give you a special Amway.

  CISOO-Sisu changed glass water pipesK1' s delicate appearance and fell in love at first sight. as for the product performance, please follow me further.

  Small fuselage, amazing design

  CISOO 76 uglass water pipesK1 is compact and easy to carry, with an integrated all-metal body using flagship handset technology. At first glance, you will feel more refined, and with a white body, it is quite superior, just like handicrafts. With so many glass water pipes in hand, I think sisu K1 will be heavier than other glass water pipes, which should be the reason why batteries and cigarette bombs are more abundant. The feeling of holding hands is just right. I feel stronger and more textured.

  The color of the collision is the same as that of the heart, while the absorption of magnetism is being exerted.

  CISOO Xisu replaces glass water pipes K1 with a unique magnetic suction type instead of the upper cover design, which makes people feel very interesting. Users can carefully match the colorful impact styles according to their own preferences. If they want to have money, they can change sets. Of course, there are other playing methods, which will be gradually discovered in later use.
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  CISOO Sisu's replacement of the glass water pipesK1 magnetic suction structure has also given birth to a new experience, because it is very convenient to insert and remove the cover and smoke bombs. Since the "Bang" plug-in type, people can't stop playing no matter when they are thinking or walking after buying it. It is really good to play and decompress.

  In addition, because CISOO Sisuglass water pipesK1 adopts a cylindrical design, its length, weight and diameter are all appropriate. once you meet a friend who likes to change pens, it may turn around.

  Of course, it must be pointed out that the design of the magnetic attraction structure of CISOO 76 electronic cigarette K1 also replaces the cigarette bomb "SoEasy".

  Multiple designs to strictly prevent oil leakage

  Its appearance is amazing. What is inside? One of the highlights of CISOOglass water pipesK1 is its unique structure to strictly prevent oil leakage, which has attracted my official information. After all, no one wants to experience the feeling of sucking or leaking oil.

  Friends playing glass water pipes are no strangers to the oil spill. In this regard, major brands have many targeted practices. West Soviet officials will also focus on stopping oil leakage as the core selling point, emphasizing its unique circular smoke bomb design. According to relevant authorities, K1's circular smoke bomb design can make the air force more unified than the special-shaped smoke bomb design. K1's unique cross-core multi-density protective structure design can better eliminate oil leakage.

  In order to verify the official statement, in recent days, the author shuttled back and forth between warm indoor and cold outdoor. K1 has also been tested for changes in indoor and outdoor temperature and pressure.

  In order to carry out more strict verification, the author first continuously tried the mysterious angle of "double suction" and "reverse suction", and no oil leakage occurred. Finally, it is determined that K1 and the mobile phone with vibration mode are close to each other for a period of time, trying to simulate the protection performance of K1 under extreme bumpy vibration conditions, and the results are still very ideal. It must be said that sisu's performance in replacing glass water pipesK1 is commendable in preventing oil leakage.

  It is easy to use and very durable.

  CISOOSisu replaces glass water pipesK1 with a design of non-direct air flow triggering channel to ensure the host is safe, reliable in quality and free of pressure.

  On the other hand, CISOO Sisu replaces glass water pipes K1 with a large rechargeable lithium polymer battery that officials say can be charged for 30 minutes a day. After the test, there is no false mark. If you smoke less, you can use it for a longer time.