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This is what Zhong Yufei, a staff member of Xiaomi 21 in pride of chinese, said when Glass bong became a member.

by linbin on April 16, 2020
Recently, Zhong Yufei, a former employee of Xiaomi 21 (now the founder of Sike Glassbone), said of the current situation of glass bong bowls in an offline salon in Beijing:

  I think glassbone, like mobile phones, will become China's pride in the future.

  When the reporter asked him, "can glass bone still see it next spring?"

  Zhong Yufei said: "Yes, but it needs two conditions-evil capital and bad policies.

  The current situation of GlassBond shows that GlassBond cannot be publicized like other products and addiction is strictly controlled, so offline market is still the main battlefield for manufacturers to compete, "the company said.
How much should a glass pipe cost?
  At present, the promotion of various brands of Glass bong is mainly through the penetration and promotion of friends, but relies on offline sales.

  Now, Glass bong's high profits have prompted many manufacturers to enter the market, whether it is Smartisan founder Luo Yonghao or Meituan, to target the cake.

  It is reported that "Ono glass bong" founded by Luo Yonghao has raised more than 30 million yuan and completed the first round of financing, which is the first external capital since Luo Yonghao set up a small business. "Little Cigarette" also made Jingdong's 618 War Top Ten Top Brands.

  In fact, the glass bone industry seems to think that this threshold is very low, but in fact, it is still very difficult to do a good job in glassbone.

  At present, the biggest problem with Glass bone Water Pipes is that many manufacturers are eager to arbitrage from different groups, hold the idea of "making money first", and even target young women and young children.