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Shenzhen, Beijing and other places will explore management measures for water pipe smoking in public places. Smoking is prohibited in public places.

by linbin on April 20, 2020
Everyone knows this sentence.

  Can you suck plastic water pipe in public places?

  In July this year, a woman on Beijing subway line 10 sucked water pipe smoking in the carriage, and had a fierce quarrel with the dissuaders, even went online for a while.

  At that time, neither the Beijing Smoke Control Regulations nor the Beijing Rail Transit Operation Safety Regulations had clear provisions on water pipe smoking. Passengers carrying water pipe smoking on board would not be blocked. If they smoked on the bus, the staff could only dissuade them and did not have law enforcement powers.

  At that time, the woman was mostly criticized by netizens, but she was not punished for it.
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  However, three months later, if such a thing happens again in the future, that is, smoking water pipe in public places, it will not be so lucky.

  Recently, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places have announced that they will explore the feasibility of banning water pipe smoking in public places.

  Take Shenzhen as an example. At present, Shenzhen has written the relevant provisions prohibiting water pipe smoking into the "Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Smoking Control" being revised.

  In Beijing, the local health and family planning supervision institute is also strengthening the research on the hazards and management modes of water pipe smoking, and plans to provide relevant basis for the management of water pipe smoking.

  In recent years, with the rise of water pipe smoking, it has attracted a lot of teenagers to try because of its appearance like fruits and beverages and various tastes.

  In August this year, the State General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau jointly issued a circular requesting market entities to prohibit the sale of water pipe smoking to minors.

  In the relevant circular, water pipe smoking is defined as a supplement to traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes, which poses great safety and health risks.

  At present, the World Health Organization's clear conclusion on water pipe smoking is that water pipe smoking is harmful to public health, and it is not a means of quitting smoking, so it must be controlled more closely.

  Here, Xiao Bian also called on smokers to try not to use water pipe in public places, regardless of whether the relevant local departments impose restrictions on water pipe smoking.