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Seizing the new retail bonus of social networks, WeChat business platform helps freshmen in China's cheap water pipes grass industry.

by linbin on April 20, 2020
Speaking of aura water pipe, the degree of differentiation between the international and domestic markets is shocking. The potential of the international cheap water pipes market and the erosion of the traditional tobacco market by cheap water pipes have become the consensus of the industry. With the tightening of global market policies, Chinese cheap water pipes employees, as the global cheap water pipes production center, must think about the future development direction of the cheap water pipes industry.

  Energetic "or" walking on thin ice "?

  At present, with the continuous improvement of people's health awareness, cheap water pipes, as a new traditional tobacco substitute, has attracted more and more attention because of its smoke and partial taste similar to cigarettes, which can meet smokers' demand for nicotine intake. It is no exaggeration to say that cheap water pipes can replace traditional cigarettes to some extent.
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  Data show that since 2010, the global cheap water pipes market has grown at a compound rate of 41%, starting with US$ 900 million. At present, there are about 500 domestic cheap water pipes manufacturing enterprises, most of which are concentrated in Shenzhen, and the cheap water pipes industry is in a state of complete competition. The output of China's cheap water pipes was 1.205 billion units in 2016 and about 1.6 billion units in 2017. It is expected to exceed 2.2 billion units by the end of 2018.

  It is enough to see that the cheap water pipes market is especially optimistic.

  However, I have to say that the Chinese market is very ignorant of cheap water pipes, with low staff quality and poor brand marketing ability. The development speed of Chinese cheap water pipes enterprises is slow, and the traditional retail channels can no longer adapt to such a sluggish Chinese market. The important way to solve the problem of cheap water pipes is "WeChat Enterprises".

  Interaction between Wechat Business Platform and New Retail Model in Society

  Due to consumption upgrading and imbalance between supply and demand, a data-driven pan-retail pattern centered on consumer experience has gradually taken shape. In order to better grasp and reap the dividends of the new era, the emergence of "social new retail" has provided most enterprises with new opportunities and unpredictable future.

  In 2017, WeChat's transaction scale exceeded 500 billion yuan, with 50 million people engaged in WeChat business and entrepreneurship, increasing year by year. Han Liang entered WeChat to create one in eight months. 8 billion sales legend; Li Baijing entered WeChat business in one day and created 200 million marketing miracles. Since entering WeChat service, three grass trees and two trees have gone from 0 billion to 2 billion, Xiong Ba cosmetics service; In 2018, more and more traditional enterprises were transformed one after another. For example, 1,000 traditional enterprises such as Legend Weiye, Xiaocaidai, Mengniu, Yanhe Liquor, Wa, Renhe Pharmaceutical and others arranged "new retail in society".

  These successful cases of WeChat have played a good role in demonstrating most traditional enterprises when sales of traditional enterprises have declined. Entering WeChat has become a good way for enterprises to transform, upgrade, innovate and start businesses.

  The upcoming 5th Beijing WeChat Expo will inject new vitality into this new social retail model and create the best quality light business platform for WeChat business users.

  The 5th Beijing WeChat Expo will be held from December 22 to 24, 2018 at the Beijing Convention Center in China. Approved by the Beijing municipal commerce Committee, it will be hosted by Asia city exhibition (Beijing) co., ltd. Ltd. is an international distribution center for Beijing's mobile e-commerce industry twice a year, bringing together high-end exhibitors, buyers and professionals from all over the world to contact with the international micro-commerce industry and to build an ideal platform for the whole industry to join, join, act as agents, distributors, wholesalers and brand communication. The WeChat World Expo will be the spring of many Internet e-commerce and the hope of many traditional retail businesses.

  We believe that the combination of "social new retail" mode and regulating WeChat channels can perfectly combine with the current market situation of cheap water pipes! Its appearance reshaped the consumption relationship: starting from its own experience, it guided people to transform around the experience. Such a split-type sales promotion and marketing method not only ensured the user experience of cheap water pipes products, but also correctly guided the user group and gave consumers more choice space. In the future, cheap water pipes industry is expected to enter the consumer goods market generally recognized by the society.

  We hope that the major cheap water pipes enterprises can grasp the dividends of the combination of social new retail and WeChat businesses, and make the industry dream to become a great brand. We expect that the future tobacco water pipes market will be recognized by more people, so that the vast number of WeChat practitioners can see the dawn, and let us listen to the arrival of a new era with a more open eye!