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When will the water pipe industry have a chance? The tuyere is coming.

by linbin on April 20, 2020
An American government official may find her career boring and decide to go to Silicon Valley for development. When she applied for a job, she met a small company called Google and offered her a junior position. She felt that she was no longer humble in government positions, and she was ready to refuse. But after talking with the then CEO of Google, she decided to join Google. The key to the conversation is: when the rocket is about to launch, do you want a good space? Or do you only need a rocket position? Later, the female official decided to stay at Google. Later, the female official became the CEO of Google.

  Ali had almost the same story. A little sister worked as a receptionist in Ali, but she finally became CEO of Ant Financial. If she did not board the rocket in time at the starting point of the upcoming industry, there would be no future female CEO of Unicorn.
tobacco water pipes
  The topics we are going to discuss today are the industry about to explode, the rocket about to launch, the new type of tobacco and the glass water pipes industry, because it is related to smoking and brings great imagination to the market.

  In the face of such a large space and the imminent explosion, the vast majority of people are unaware that you did not sow seeds in spring. Do you have mines in your home?

  Today we are going to talk about the new tobacco industry that is about to launch rockets in China. This is the turning point of the historical opportunity for this policy to realize liberalization.

  Mcweill, the newly established third largest listed water pipe company, is 10 times more likely to be listed within two years.

  First of all, talk about the tobacco industry. First of all, discuss why tobacco can make so much money and why tobacco monopoly? Didn't you make a lot of money? The Chinese tobacco company made a dollar. "Every year, 4 trillion yuan, including 1. 1 trillion in profits and taxes. This money is used for an industry to feed millions of troops. If the Chinese tobacco company goes public and gives it a 15-fold price-earnings ratio, the company's valuation may exceed 15 trillion US dollars and 20 billion US dollars, far more than twice that of Apple. The feudal government in ancient China had already tasted the benefits of making money from tobacco and had implemented a monopoly system on all profitable industries such as salt and iron monopoly. Therefore, tobacco is a very profitable thing that everyone on earth knows.

  Since traditional tobacco is very profitable, is the new type of tobacco we are going to talk about today also very profitable? In fact, let's talk about the historical industry explosion opportunities faced by new tobacco from several aspects.

  First, look at the origin of water pipe. Water pipe was originally designed by Americans in 1963 to obtain a patent for "smokeless, non-tobacco cigarettes". however, it was not until 2000 that the commercialization of the product was successful. at that time, a pharmacist named hanley in Beijing, China put forward the idea of diluting nicotine with propylene glycol and atomizing liquid with an ultrasonic device. water pipe was officially commercialized. The first water pipe made in China ended in failure. However, this water pipe came from China and developed vigorously abroad. However, what really made this water pipe popular worldwide was 2014. That is, many years later, an enthusiastic, non-burning water pipe released in Nagoya and Milan became the mainstream of the current market. How popular is it? In a short period of one year, international tobacco giant FEMO International's iQOS has taken up about 15% of Japan's traditional tobacco market. Therefore, it is now agreed that this heating will not burn and will establish the mainstream position of water pipe smoking in the future.