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Glass pipes "Consumer Tips: Stay Away from Fake glass pipes

by linbin on April 16, 2020
The "glass pipes for smoking Storm" that caused casualties in the United States a few days ago has attracted worldwide attention. With the deepening of the investigation, the truth gradually became clear. According to CNN, national laboratory tests found that most patients with severe lung injury admitted to smoking marijuana using glass pipes.

  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned against buying these products from informal sources, not buying glass pipes and cigarette oil products on the street, and avoiding THC oil containing marijuana or added or modified products.

  We fully support FDA's view that users should buy from reputable manufacturers and their equipment and cigarettes should avoid modifying or adding substances, "said Davido‘Reilly, research director of British American Tobacco in a statement.
How much does a pipe cost glass?
  Relevant organizations such as the Consumer Association said that although marijuana containing glass pipes products is unlikely to appear in the Chinese market, consumers cannot take it lightly, and various fake glass pipes products still have potentially serious health problems. So, which glass pipes product is not available?

  Don't think cheap. General smoke bombs are not available.

  In some e-commerce platforms and offline glass pipes cheap retail stores, businesses often sell all kinds of ordinary cigarette bombs. Not only is the price much cheaper than the original glass pipes brand cigarette bomb, but you can also inject oil yourself and buy various flavors of tobacco oil at will. It looks cheap and convenient. According to the test of RELX orchestra laboratory, the smoke oil of this common smoke bomb is irregular and inferior products, and there are common safety problems such as inconsistent component identification, formaldehyde exceeding the standard, etc. long-term use will cause serious impact on human health.

  You can't buy it from fake informal channels.

  Why can you buy the same glass pipes at a 50% discount from a salted fish store or an unofficial offline store? The fact is, almost all of these are false. These inferior fakes are not only unsafe, but also the inferior batteries used are in danger of explosion. Almost all smoke oil and ordinary smoke bombs are tied to the same door, which is very harmful to health.

  RELX, which accounts for 60% of the domestic market, is actively cracking down on fakes. RELX carved "Operation Golden Shield" in February and cooperated with the police to solve many cases of glass pipes counterfeit and arrested several counterfeit salesmen. RELX Yueke has also repeatedly reminded consumers to purchase through officially authorized channels and downloaded the RELXMEApp scan code for verification.

  Without security, you cannot buy other glass pipes.

  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report in July, glass pipes is far less harmful to health than traditional tobacco, but it should be pointed out that not all glass pipes for sale are safe. Renowned brands such as RELXYuechi not only own the world's largest glass pipes Monopoly Factory, which ensures the quality inspection and quality control of the whole production process, but also turn the only glass pipes brand in China into a large-scale laboratory, which carries out the safety inspection of tobacco oil layer by layer. All products engraved with RELX have passed the tests of the world's most stringent enterprise standards.

  Some small brands are pure contract workers, without corresponding supervision and use of cigarette oil 0 testing, the same risks are extremely high. In addition, some small brands added non-certified substances such as collagen, arecoline and caffeine to cigarette oil in order to promote gimmicks, further increasing health risks.