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One leg is not far away from the shared charging treasure brand. selling glass bong king is a good way out?

by linbin on April 17, 2020

  According to the media news "Blue Hole New Consumption", a number of shared portable battery brands have begun to enter the Glass bone Pipe industry or plan to enter the glass bong king industry in various ways. Among them, small shops have already produced and started to introduce a small-scale automatic tobacco sales device called ICOOL Xiaoshuang. StreetPower is unwilling to sell all glass bong king or produce an independent glass bong king brand. Monster has begun exploring the possibility of cooperating with the domestic glass bong king brand.

  Companies sharing portable batteries have passed the critical stage. According to AI media consultation data, the number of users sharing portable batteries will reach 305 million in 2019. However, in the long run, due to the advances in battery product technology and wireless charging technology, the market demand for portable batteries will decrease. In addition to the limited scenes such as shopping malls and KTV, the coverage rate of shared portable batteries will eventually become saturated.
How much should a glass pipe cost?
  In the face of a future full of uncertainties, even the "three strong and one beast" that has emerged must make plans in advance. Sharing many reasons for charging treasures, why brands like the glass bong king market, firstly because the glass bong king market is huge and full of imagination, secondly, the track is hot enough and not short of money, which is a rare tuyere industry at present, while the domestic glass bong king industry has not a real mind after more than a year of development. For enterprises that once pursued tuyere to share portable batteries, the temptation is great.

  It is worth noting that the compliance resistance of the shared portable battery industry is not very strong, but the glass bong king market is different. Although relevant regulatory policies have not yet been promulgated, there is a strong demand for legislation. If you want to go before the supervision of glass bong king, you must be very cautious in solving the purchase problem of minors or in marketing and other market behaviors.

  Sharing portable battery brands to make glass bong water pipes vending machines is indeed convenient on site. Both on-site and manual maintenance costs can save a lot of expenses. However, before the vending machines are launched, we need to formulate good purchase rules, such as restricting the purchase of young people, otherwise it is easy to lose control and exceed losses.