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Three Types and Cleaning Methods of glass bong amazon Glass Tube (Warehouse) with Big Smoke

by linbin on May 18, 2020
Glass bond amazon glass tube (room) is glass bond amazon's "window." Through the glass tube of Glasbong Amazon fog atomizer, we can clearly see the internal situation of the oil depot and atomizing chamber. The glass room is also convenient for users to clean.

  Glass bond Amazon may need to clean the atomizer if the color of the atomizing chamber changes seriously after using it for a period of time. If the atomization chamber is not tightened or damaged, glass bond amazon will also leak oil. The atomizing bin is an accessory of consumables. Some common big brands glass bond Amazon will provide users with alternative atomizing boxes.
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  For Glass bond Amazon users, when the atomizer is in use or idle, correct operation, cleaning and maintenance will greatly improve the service life of the atomizer. Attention should be paid to the removal of the atomizer during cleaning. All rubber rings should be removed, but small parts should not be removed as much as possible to avoid loss during cleaning. Mix evenly with 1:20 baking soda and cold and warm water. Immerse the atomizer for removing the rubber ring in water. After 10 minutes, the water will turn pale yellow. At this time, stir slightly to remove impurities from the atomizer. Then rinse with water, dry the water on the atomizer with a dry rag or paper towel, or air dry.
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  The glass tube (chamber) of the atomizer, also known as the atomizing chamber, is an important part of the finished glassbone Amazon, especially the large-smoke (high-power) glassbone Amazon equipment represented by machinery, self-control and temperature control. At present, there are three types of atomizer glass tubes (silos) commonly used in glass bond Amazon industry: stepped, straight and spiral.

  Glass bong amazon produces about 70,000 glass tubes per day, representing the product nautilus glass tube atomizer, which can provide samples free of charge according to customer requirements. Our company's principle is to take benevolence as the basis and honesty as the source to serve customers.