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5000 experts spent 3 years trying to find out the harm of glass pipes amazon

by linbin on May 18, 2020
Experts spent three years trying to find out the dangers of glass pipes amazon.

  Five thousand experts spent three years trying to find out the hazards of glass pipes amazon, but confirmed that the hazards of glass pipes amazon are 95% lower than cigarettes and 7,000 fewer carcinogens! The Ministry of Health (Phe) can be said to be well known in the glass pipes amazon industry because it has published an independent research report on glass pipes amazon, which not only allows the UK glass pipes amazon industry to develop in a "recognized" environment, but also strengthens the confidence of many health groups around the world that advocate smoking.
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  PHE's mission is "to protect and improve the country's health and solve the problem of inequality". PHE employs a total of about 5,000 scientists, researchers and public health professionals. Therefore, its research results are very credible and have been recognized by the public. Just recently, Phe also dropped another shock wave bomb "to replace smoke reduction". The organization released a shocking new research short film, which fully illustrates the "gap between the average amount of toxic chemicals and tar inhaled by smokers and non-smokers and users of glass pipes amazon." .

  Is glass pipes amazon harmful? The first thing to do is to reduce the harm of glass pipes amazon.

  PHE, which is famous for its progressive position in harm reduction, recently released an experimental short film, recording the destructive harm caused to human body by traditional tobacco products, and how to avoid or reduce this effect by switching to "safer alternative products". The survey is part of PHE's campaign to reduce health hazards, which involves health experts Dr.LionSb and Dr RosemaryLeonard and encourages smokers to try to quit smoking from January last year. Phe also conducted some experiments to prove that there is a gap between the health effects of new tobacco and traditional glass pipes products, and conducted independent research to prove that glass pipes amazon is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes, reducing about 7,000 carcinogens. "。

  Glass pipes amazon, is glass pipes amazon harmful?

  The hazards of glass pipes amazon are in sharp contrast to the results of this study.

  The study replicated the effects of "inhaling cigarette smoke", "e- smoke vapor" and "normal air" into three glass masks filled with cotton, thus explaining this view. Each mask is connected to a diaphragm pump and continuously inhales three different gases, while cotton balls represent lungs. The intake of traditional cigarettes and glass pipes amazon is about the average monthly consumption of users.

  At the end of the test, in the glass cover of the test cigarette, the cotton ball was brown, the inner wall of the glass cover was brown, and the pipe leading to the air pump was covered with thick tar. On the other hand, the glass cover that receives glass pipes amazon vapor has not changed much. Apart from some vapor, cotton balls are also of very slight vapor color. As for those who accept natural air, needless to say, there is no change except steam on the glass cover.

  Professor JohnNewton, Director of PHE Health Improvement, said: This experiment clearly proves the comparison between the effects of new tobacco products and the use of traditional cigarettes. It would be a tragedy if thousands of smokers who can quit smoking through glass pipes amazon were delayed because of wrong safety concerns. We need to assure smokers that switching to glass pipes amazon is less harmful than using traditional cigarettes. The movie does emphasize the destructive damage each cigarette causes to human body and helps people realize that using glass pipes amazon may only bring about little risk. "。
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  Perhaps the key to whether the movie can cause a sensation among people who "want to quit smoking" in Britain is still the "mainstream media". "However, through the study of glass pipes amazon before and after Phe and the study of" gradually opening up new tobacco markets "all over the world, it is not difficult to predict that the traditional tobacco market will show a rapidly declining trend in the next few years. I believe that as long as the "positive information" is continuously promoted through the unremitting efforts of colleagues in the industry, tobacco equipment will become "mainstream products beneficial to traditional smokers" in the near future, thus building a bridge for smokers to meet the "healthy life".