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Glass pipes R&D Firm Refined Salt Technology Completed 20 Million RMB Pre-A Round of Financing

by linbin on May 16, 2020
The glass pipes research and development company Salt labs recently completed a round of pre-a financing of 20 million yuan, with mobile capital as the investor. It is reported that this round of funds is mainly used for the development, team upgrading and channel construction of evove (yiwu) brand next generation products at home and abroad.
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  Refined Salt Technology was established in 2016 and received 5 million yuan in angel wheel financing from Bo Pai Capital.
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  Glass pipes amazon refined salt technology focuses on research and development of atomization technology and brand building based on the application of atomization technology. Industrial and commercial data show that refined salt technology is mainly engaged in the development and sales of electronic products, glass pipes, hardware accessories and plastic accessories. The technical development and sales of glass pipes oil; Domestic trade, import and export of goods and technologies.