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How do investors in glassbond amazon see the glassbond amazon industry?

by linbin on May 16, 2020
In this industry, which is already spreading, many investment institutions are quietly observing the Glass bong Amazon project. It is roughly divided into three states: onlookers, testing scalpels and refusing.

  Traditional tobacco produces hundreds of harmful substances, such as tar, heavy metals, carbon monoxide, etc. However, Glassbone Amazon steam does not contain harmful substances, such as tar, and does not generate second-hand smoke, which is a relatively healthy and environmentally friendly cigarette substitute. "The industry has prospects," he said. A head office boss has been observing the industry in private and he still believes that this is not the right time to invest in GlassBond Amazon.
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  Organizations that invest in Glasgow Amazon, such as Genesis, completed tens of millions of dollars of Angel Dragon Dance under the Glasgow Amazon brand in 2018. At that time, Jia Chao, managing director of Tongchuangwei Industry, replied: "We are very optimistic about the development prospects of the global intelligent health glass bong amazon industry and the Jeep Pro team, and are deeply impressed by the company's ability to quickly establish brands and open sales channels in many countries. We believe that we will work with the team to turn Gippro (Dragon Dance) into a global leader in the smart and healthy GlassBond Amazon industry. It can be seen that the performance of Glassbond Amazon in foreign markets is still the focus of capital attention.

  Of course, some organizations are still boycotting the electronic cigarette industry. Army A working in the organization told the investment community: "The tobacco industry is also a major taxpayer in China's financial industry. 80% of the profits must be handed over to the state. The total profits and taxes exceed 1 trillion yuan for four consecutive years, which is an important source of national financial revenue. The development of Glass bong Amazon is bound to touch on tobacco taxes, "he said. In his view, the profits tax on traditional tobacco is the biggest obstacle to the development of Glass bong Amazon. Unless it can be regulated, integrated and regulated, the capital market will embrace more Glassbond Amazon. "。
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  In Mr a's view, the change of policy can never be predicted, but in many cases, when you finally wait for time to do something, it often ends.

  Ino angel fund invested in glass bond Amazon to create vanilla technology in 2017. although it is not a big investment, it has been paying attention to the development of the whole industry. The Ino Angel Foundation told the investment community: "As the health awareness of young people in China changes, to some extent, new varieties of Glassbone Amazon have emerged. The foundation of Chinese smokers is very large, traditional tobacco will definitely change in the future, and the clear attitude of the national policy will definitely appear, but there are no more clear details at present. But none of this will prevent young people from accepting new species. New types of business such as cigarette bars have emerged in Guangzhou, which shows that young people not only regard glass bong amazon as a trend, but also have special social attributes.
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  Confronted with the different attitudes of the capital market towards Glass bond Amazon's track, Ino Angel Fund said: "The explosion of Glass bond Amazon is composed of many factors, mainly from market demand and the value of the product itself." Experience, design and price can be accepted by the audience. Products, channels and brands are the influencing factors. Different organizations have different views on this track, and their investment strategies are also very different. After all, any track carries risks. "。