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Water pipes amazon Enterprising Threshold as Low as 5 Million, Good and Evil Strive for 48 Billion Dollar Market

by linbin on May 16, 2020
Although the water pipes for smoking consumer market is still receiving education, the enterprise players entering the game market are very popular.

  But in fact, a lot of innovations are generated in the blank space. When this advantage becomes obvious, I think as long as entrepreneurs follow the policy direction, they will not make mistakes. Cai Yuedong told the investment industry.

  As a battery device, water pipes amazon atomizes smoke liquid through an atomizer to form inhalable smoke. The supply chain involved includes manufacturers of upstream atomizers, aerosol oil, batteries, display screens, chips and other components, manufacturers and brand enterprises of water pipes amazon in the middle reaches, and agents, distributors and consumers in the downstream.
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  In 2018, five domestic water pipes amazon companies won the favor of funds, with a total of over 400 million yuan. These include RELX Yueqi Company, IJOY Eyroy Company, Ibo Electronics Company, Jeep Dragon Dance Company and Refined Salt Technology Company. Behind the capital cities such as the Innocenti Fund, the source of funds involves funds. One of the companies in Ezhuyi won 300 million yuan in round A financing.

  In recent years, water pipes amazon project financing table, incomplete statistics of the investment community

  According to data released by Goldman Sachs in 2013, "According to data released by Goldman Sachs in 2013, the domestic sales of water pipes amazon in the US tobacco industry were less than 1% of the total. In 2018, compared with 2013, the development of China's water pipes amazon actually brought the smallest and most exciting part.

  The P/AM market forecasts that the global water pipes amazon market will reach 48 billion US dollars by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 25.99%. In addition to the above-mentioned companies reported by the media, there are thousands of domestic water pipes amazon and accessories companies behind this 43 billion dollar market.
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  Some water pipes amazon practitioners told the investment community that water pipes amazon has a very low threshold for starting a business. 5 million people can create a brand and 50 million people can basically enter the finals. Because the threshold is not high, most players are trying to get rich in this multi-billion dollar market.

  Many start-ups are "painting spoons in cucurbit" and have mastered a large number of fake products in the market. Brand technology plagiarism is serious. Usually, "changing the shell for the brand" is just a simple patchwork of accessories such as lithium batteries, atomizers and smoke bombs. Many consumers reflect that the phenomenon of water pipes amazon oil spill is obvious and the processing and manufacturing are quite rough.

  Cai yuedong told the investment community: "the water pipes amazon product itself is very complex, and there are many unsolved problems in the supply chain." This market is still in the stage of education. 3. Capital is also very cautious about this industry. 4. The policy is not clear. These reasons lead to the complexity of the orbit.

  At present, the major companies engaged in the water pipes amazon business in China include yingxue technology, tianchang group, sunho shares, jinjia shares, maxwell and avix, etc.
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  Several of these companies crossed the border into the water pipes amazon market. Shun Hao Company was originally a printing and packaging enterprise, and the new Sanban Company was originally an aluminum product production and sales company. After 2014, it was transformed into the research and development, production and sales of water pipes amazon, with exports to the United States, Britain, France and other developed countries as the main target markets. The company has never raised funds, but its net profit has soared nearly 40 times in three years! On March 8, 2018, "water pipes amazon First Share" was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx). The next day, Tianchang Group rose 20 points. 55%

  Of course, the slow decline in world cigarette production and the year-on-year growth in the water pipes amazon market have also led to the transformation of tobacco products in large domestic tobacco companies such as Yunnan tobacco, Shanghai tobacco, Sichuan tobacco and Chongqing tobacco.