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A 28-year-old fellow uncle who cashed 178 million dollars into water pipes amazon sold 5 million dollars a day.

by linbin on May 16, 2020

  Cai Yuedong is holding water pipes amazon in three colors: black, red and gray. He talks from time to time. Smoke is very different from paper smoke. Sitting opposite him, he could hardly smell the smoke. This is the project he is working on, yuz-cigarettes.

  The 28-year-old venture was sold for 178 million yuan. Cai Yuedong is better known as the founder of the same uncle.

  Cai Yuedong graduated from Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts. In 2014, he accidentally posted a constellation map on his microblog, complaining that ip never wanted to be popular. After chasing girls to learn constellations, he accidentally posted a constellation map on Weibo.
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  Before that, Cai Yuedong started many businesses. Since his freshman year, he has been involved in many fields such as education and training, social products, new media, etc. However, in his view, the successful creation of the same uncle's super intellectual property rights and the successful withdrawal are not the final result, but the intermediate station on the road to entrepreneurship.

  At the end of 2016, Uncle Tongdao was acquired by Meisheng Holding Group, and Cai Yuedong immediately received hundreds of millions of yuan in cash from his personal account. After the momentary freedom of wealth, Cai Yuedong ran to Silicon Valley for two months, "Don't waste time.

  After a six-month investigation in Silicon Valley, Cai Yuedong saw some new trends and entrepreneurial opportunities. After returning to China in 2017, he organized a research group to conduct research, and also made some personal angel investments, mainly in content entrepreneurship, new consumption, block chain, etc.


  Cai yuedong, founder of Yooz

  The opportunity to decide to start a new business lies in that Cai yuedong received many business plans for the water pipes amazon project from June 2018. he realized that the opportunity to start a business for water pipes amazon might be coming soon.

  Before that, Cai yuedong, a veteran smoker, also tried other water pipes amazon, but his product experience was too poor. he should not invest in other people's water pipes amazon project. he might as well make a satisfactory product.
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  In September 2018, Cai yuedong stopped all personal angel investments, all water pipes amazon tracks, and lahuang tai chi founder and Chang founded Yoozwater pipes amazon, forming a team from Dell, cleaning, Uber and other hardware, fast phasing out, internet companies. So far, Yooz team has about 50 people.

  Yooz water pipes amazon was officially listed at 21: 00 p.m. on January 20, 2019. According to Cai yuedong, yoz's sales in 24 hours reached 5 million yuan, mainly due to the word-of-mouth marketing among his friends and his executives.

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