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Why is it difficult for glass pipes amazon, which is wandering in the gray zone, to become the next outlet?

by linbin on May 16, 2020
At the beginning of the new year, a large number of entrepreneurs poured into the glass pipes amazon market.

  Behind it is a huge profiteering industry. China is the world's largest tobacco consumer and producer. The annual tobacco consumption is equivalent to the second to 29th total tobacco consumption in all countries. The annual tobacco consumption of Chinese smokers accounts for 44% of the world tobacco market.

  Earlier, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau announced that the total tax profit realized by China National Tobacco Corporation in 2017 was 1.11451 trillion yuan, 1.0795 trillion yuan in 2016 and 1.1436 trillion yuan in 2015.
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  In 2019, a batch of new players will enter the market, and many glass pipes amazon brands will launch new products one after another. On January 20, former uncle founder Cai yuedong released an instant poster announcing that "Yooz" brand glass pipes amazon can be purchased on the first day of spot sales. On the first day of sales, glass pipes amazon had a turnover of 5 million, while Beijing Zhongwei Technology Co., Ltd. sold iDuck. The company has been trying out 10,000 units for about half a month. When Luo Yonghao released a new social product "Chatting Treasure", he also introduced a glass pipes amazon product-Flow, which traded cigarettes for cigarettes.

  He said: "These three glass pipes amazon are just the tip of the iceberg for some technology companies to start their own businesses. According to incomplete statistics of "Deep Web", from the second half of last year to the Spring Festival this year, more than a dozen technology companies tried to do business in glass pipes amazon. Yesterday, it was reported that Xiaomi's ecological chain company will enter the glass pipes amazon domain, but Xiaomi quickly responded: "Xiaomi cannot be glass pipes amazon. this is purely a rumor. "Xiaomi insiders told Shenwang:" According to Xiaomi's regulations, no ecological chain company is allowed to use the Xiaomi or Mijia brand for its own products or for its own operation. .

  According to the "deep net", the profits of traditional cigarettes can reach 10 or even 50 times the cost. However, judging from the current inconsistent mode of various molds and bombs of glass pipes amazon, the profit margin of glass pipes amazon will only be higher than that of the traditional cigarette industry. Practitioners also said that traditional cigarette companies are also trying to sell glass pipes amazon parallel to traditional cigarettes, but will not promote glass pipes amazon's "health" and "non-addiction", but will focus on "easy to carry".
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  Compared with the traditional glass pipes amazon brand, the new glass pipes amazon brand often has advantages in marketing and channels. However, in the long run, there are too many gray areas in the upstream and downstream industry chains of glass pipes amazon, which will be greatly influenced by policies. In addition, some public opinions in overseas environment and medicine are also more critical.

  There is no evidence that direct use of glass pipes amazon or secondhand smoke is less harmful to human beings or more addictive than traditional cigarettes, "a medical worker told Shenzhen.

  More importantly, these entrepreneurs will soon encounter huge competitors. Behind China's large glass pipes amazon brand will be one or more traditional tobacco giants. Even if there is a clearer policy, the beneficiaries will be these traditional glass pipes amazon brands.

  Of course, these new glass pipes amazon brands cannot make quick money in the gap of policy supervision.