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Yi Shuang Electronic Cigarette Completed Ten Million Yuan Angel Wheel Financing

by linbin on May 15, 2020

  Recently, innovative brands focusing on atomization technology research and development announced the completion of angel round financing of 10 million yuan. plum blossom venture capital investors and the world tobacco giant royal factory gathered together. this round of financing is mainly used for product research and development, atomization technology upgrade and channel construction in yishang city.

  After this round of financing, YISTAR Yisheng will upgrade its brand name to "Sun Yishuang". Yihuang will also continue to improve the product experience, open up new online and offline retail channels, conduct accurate analysis and fine operation of the market, introduce more atomized products, and speed up the creation of a large healthy biosphere of atomization.
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  Data show that Yishuang City was founded in early 2018 and is mainly committed to the research and development of atomization technology and the construction of a large-scale healthy ecosystem based on atomization technology. Atomization health ecology covers all kinds of atomization systems, such as energy bars, sleep bars and other functional products into the form of atomized edible products.

  It is understood that two dab rig china products have been launched in Yisheng city: replaceable bomb atomized cigarette and disposable small cigarette. The replacement of atomized smoke is in the form of product combination packing, and the appropriate double S new packing and appropriate double X standard set suitable for different user groups are introduced. "-

  According to the data, there are 320 million smokers in China, and only 1% of them use dab rig china. Compared with other overseas markets, the United States already has 23% of dab rig china. 2% in England and 3% in England. 1% in France. China's dab rig china market has a compound annual growth rate of 50% and great market potential. however, consumers' understanding of dab rig china is still in its infancy, and many people have doubts about the health of dab rig china.
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  In order to reassure smokers, Yishuang City is developing a green healthy tobacco oil with 0 tar and 0 nicotine, because cod liver oil can be eaten directly. In order to develop a healthier alternative tobacco product to relieve smoking addiction, the new product is expected to be on the market by the end of March this year.

  Yisheng will also launch an institutional project for "city partners" to help smokers switch to a healthier lifestyle.

  Justin, co-founder of Yichang, believes that compared with other brands entering the domestic dab rig china industry, Yichang has three essential differences with other brands in the domestic dab rig china industry:

  First, dab rig china is only the starting point of ecology, taking building a healthy and big ecology as the orientation.

  2. Yisheng City is committed to building a green and safe dab rig china. In the process of helping smokers reduce tobacco hazards, it gradually adopts the latest nicotine salt technology transformation and promotes "0 nicotine" green and healthy tobacco oil.

  3. dab rig china should adopt COP oil core separation technology and honeycomb ceramic atomization technology, which is closer to the actual smoke flavor.

  The founding team of Yisheng City came from Fimo International Tobacco Company, Huawei, Tencent and the traditional dab rig china industry.