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Where is the Glasbong Amazon Industry Going after the Battle Line

by linbin on April 30, 2020

  According to authoritative data, the number of people using Glass bond Amazon in China is about 10 million, while the proportion of online Glass bond Amazon atomized users is about 45.4%. The network has been broken, but the demand is still there. Therefore, the transformation of "half the river and half the mountain" has become the most important issue for Glass bond Price Malaysia enterprises to think about.

  Closing online channels means higher customer costs, while slowing cash flow and user growth will put great pressure on new brands.

  This is also a "fierce battle" for brands currently on the first floor of the market.

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  Before the announcement, Qiu Yiwu, founder of Whale Smoke, thought the canal was expensive enough to be robbed. After the network sales stopped, the cost of offline channels was even higher, and tens of millions or even hundreds of millions were not unusual.

  But this is the only exit and must be called.

  According to the "beijing business today" report, there were more than 30,000 offline stores in July this year, while Xuejia, another glass bong amazon head company, also opened more than 20,000 offline stores three months after the product went on sale. According to "China Business News" and other media reports, before and after the "notice" was issued, there were about 100,000 off-line shops of various types such as Xuejia and Platinum.

  Since glass bong amazon was first defined as a fast product, we have opened up CVS channels for national convenience store chain stores, such as Yijie of Sinopec, Kunlun Hospitality of PetroChina and Meiikea of China. Liu chaohua, head of "xuejia" offline sales, said.

  According to statistics from the China Chain Management Association, the total number of CVS in China at the end of 2018 was 120,000, which is a large export. Millions of food stores, KTV, Internet cafes and nightclubs across the country are also essential items for electronic cigarette brands. Scientists even produced a fluorescent product for nightclubs, specializing in nightclub channels.

  Liu Chaohua, 44, has 22 years of rapid elimination experience. diamond glass bong price was the vice president of sales of Arrow Sugar (China), leading a management team of more than 10,000 people and 1.3 million retail terminal stores in more than 200 cities across the country.

  Similar to Liu Chaohua's background, Xuejia's offline sales leaders are mostly from Heineken, Budweiser InBev, Marsh Warrior, Garbo, Unilever and other fast elimination giants. "At present, Xu Jia's marketing director Liu Shuo has been responsible for the European marketing of Budweiser, Heineken and other brands, as well as all-round domestic consumer marketing. Platinum's National Channel Director and Retail Director are former mobile phone general manager Cheng Yuncai and former oppo Store Retail Director Duan Fei. Search the resume of Yue Chi's co-founder Jiang Long and find that he also has experience in rapidly eliminating industries.

  More important than fast elimination channels is the opening of stores-including the brand's own direct selling stores and franchise stores. "In this industry," 0 alliance fee "has always been a basic condition. In order to reduce the worries brought about by the storm to partners, some brands have even added "glass bong amazon cannot be sold due to changes in national laws, regulations and policies" to their alliance contracts. This has raised the threshold of competition, and brands without strength dare not promise. An insider said.

  For offline channels, due to the simple competitive logic of the industry, there is some overlap between Glass bond Amazon users and traditional tobacco consumers. Whoever can send Glass bond Amazon to the range within the reach of these people will have the most effective competitiveness.

  Wang Sheng, partner of Enoch Angel Fund, has mentioned many times that the current situation of Glass bond Amazon industry is that the factory is highly mature and the core competitiveness of this market must be channel competition. As an early investor focused on Glasgow Amazon, the Ino Angel Fund invested in Highland Glasgow Amazon in 2017.

  Li ocheng, partner of Bobai Capital, was also one of the first investors in China to focus on Glass bond Amazon. in 2016, he invested in Glass bond Amazon's refined salt technology. He believes that the channel cost in the GlassBond Amazon industry is very high at present. Most brands only need network coverage and shopping, and do not consider sales, buybacks and after-sales.

  Zhao Yangbo, vice president of Qichen Capital, not only invests in Glass bond Amazon, but also carries out relevant projects himself. In an interview with the New Consumer Wave, he said that it is difficult for domestic consumer goods to have real channels of differentiation, so the core is to differentiate products.

  Fang Hui, Platinum Partner and Chief Commodity Officer, also believes that after this round of restructuring, the future of the hoss glass bong prices market should still be 3-5 national brands and about 10 regional brands. Apart from channels, the core competitiveness that survived this knockout phase must be a major improvement in product technology.