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Glass pipes amazon Speculators Beat Out

by linbin on April 30, 2020

  The notice entitled "Notice on Further Protecting Minors from glass pipes amazon" was released on November 1, 2019. Under the "urging" of the notice, some e-commerce platforms, including Tmall, Taobao and Jingdong. Com, pinduoduo and other websites deleted almost all glass pipes amazon products in a week. On 3,500 microblogs and other platforms, they searched for some glass pipes amazon brands and even suggested that "according to relevant laws, regulations and policies, the theme page is not displayed. .

  For those who value the front page of the online glass pipes amazon prime, this is equivalent to breaking their weapons. "Some people in the industry said," Yuechi, for example, may find it difficult to maintain its number one position in market sales.

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  Just one month before the news was released, Yuechao founder ying wang said in an interview with Tencent's "Deep Web" column: "The ratio of online to offline (sales) is about 1: 2, 1: 3." According to data from Tmall and JD.com, from August to October, Yuezhi once occupied the first place in the category of "electronic cigarettes", with sales of about 120 million yuan.

  In addition, the company also has a headache problem, including the handling of e-commerce dealers and the transformation of more than 100 e-commerce teams.

  For other glass pipes amazon, which is good at online marketing, the "notice" urges glass pipes amazon manufacturers, distributors or individuals to withdraw advertisements published through the Internet "is a huge blow. Just like Xiao Ye. The new brand, led by Luo Yonghao, has spent tens of millions of yuan on signing star Chen Guanxi as its spokesperson and plans to attract more consumers through "rebellious spirit". Just half an hour before the announcement, Lao Luo also posted an advertisement on his microblog: it is reported that Yoko Ono Lennon's disposable aerosol glass pipes amazonA1 has already opened its reservation at Tmall and JD. " It will be officially put on sale on November 11. 11. This fat man who is good at marketing is called a sad figure in the enterprise by netizens.

  For some small and medium-sized enterprises, breaking the network is more like a disaster of life and death. Production depends on "contract+brand" and sales on "online store+WeChat enterprise", which is the basic operation mode of many glass pipes amazon. "Many glass hand pipes amazon start-ups don't actually have core technologies and efficient capabilities. They are basically brand marketing." Wei zhe, chairman of macwell investor Jiyufund, said.

  Therefore, there is a saying in the industry that "300 to 5 million yuan can be invested in a glass pipes amazon". Speculators flock to see it. In the business information query tool, the enterprise search keyword "glass pipes amazon" can find 170,777 related enterprises. According to "New Consumption Watch" data, more than 10,000 glass pipes amazon brands have been established in the past two months.

  At a glass pipes amazon offline salon, some investors asked why glass pipes amazon had not appeared in the past few years. On the contrary, in recent years, a group of Internet practitioners have "fried" the trend of glass pipes amazon. Many experienced glass pipes amazon employees have contacted glass pipes amazon, and they will attribute the reason to marketing or "online games" that are not skilled by traditional glass water pipes amazon manufacturers.

  After November 1, the electronic cigarette mode on the internet was terminated.