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Cheap glassbonds' love, hate, love and hatred

by linbin on May 15, 2020
Tobacco is a plant originating in South America. Its leaves can be used to chew or make cigarettes smoke. Since the Indians discovered tobacco, human beings have been unable to get rid of tobacco. In the 16th century, tobacco was introduced into Europe and then spread all over the world. At the end of the 19th century, paper tobacco became the main form of tobacco use.

  The cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic and can harm five organs of the human body. But secondhand smoke is much more harmful than smokers, because many husbands are old smokers, so their wives and children inevitably become the victims of secondhand smoke.

  Let's look at a set of data: by 2030, the number of deaths due to smoking is expected to exceed 8 million each year; Tobacco will kill 1 billion people by the end of this century.
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  For smokers who want to quit smoking but cannot, the birth of cheap glass bongs is undoubtedly good news. In 2015, the England Public Health Authority said that cheap glass bongs were 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. But can cheapglassbonds really help stop smoking? Or is it just another dangerous substitute for cigarettes?

  According to the BBC documentary "Electronic Cigarettes: Miracles or Threats", only a few spices added to cheap glass bongs' smoke have been rigorously tested. In addition, spices used safely in food and cosmetics are friendly to the digestive system and skin, but not necessarily as safe as when entering the respiratory system. The results showed that the respiratory cell survival rates of mixed essence and menthol essence exposed to cheap glass bongs were 53% and 25%, respectively.

  The study, presented at the 68th annual meeting of the American Heart Association, shows that compared with non-smokers, people who smoke cheap glass bongs have a 56% higher risk of heart disease, a 30% higher incidence of stroke, and a higher risk of coronary heart disease, thrombosis and other problems. In addition, smokers are twice as likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and other diseases as non-smokers.
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  According to statistics from the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health, the proportion of teenagers (aged between 15 and 29) using cheap glass bongs in Hong Kong is significantly higher than that of teenagers over 30. The main reasons for using electronic cigarettes include curiosity and fashion, rather than helping to quit smoking.

  According to statistics, more than a dozen countries or regions in the world, such as Japan, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand and Brazil, have completely or partially banned the use of cheap glass bongs.

  In 2017, the director of Guangdong Tobacco Monopoly Bureau requested that cheap glass bongs be used as tobacco products, that the production, quality and safety standards of cheap glass bongs be formulated as soon as possible, and that the advertising and publicity of cheap glass bongs products be strictly regulated according to the "Advertising Law".

  On October 10, 2018, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam, proposed a total ban on electronic cigarettes in his policy address.

  In February 2019, the General Office of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress issued the "Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Tobacco Control" to solicit public opinions. The draft "Draft for Comments" further upgraded the "Tobacco Control Order" to include cheap glass bongs in the scope of tobacco control.

  Many smokers smoke mainly because of the promotion of cheap glass bongs, "there is no second-hand smoke and it is not harmful to health. Despite publicity, the threat to human health posed by cheap glass bongs has not been eliminated.

  What will happen when the cheap glass bongs craze encounters policy tightening?

  In a sense, cheap glass bongs is still guilty. It can reduce harm, but it does not mean it is absolutely harmless. If cheap glass bongs manufacturers wantonly use health and fashion as propaganda methods, once they are welcomed by young people, they will surely incur public condemnation and even the destruction of the entire industry.