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Past lives of glass water bong industry

by linbin on May 15, 2020

  MichaelRussell, the father of modern smoking cessation, said that the essence of smoking is that what is really harmful to health is not addictive nicotine, but tar and carbon monoxide produced in the burning process of tobacco.

  After fully realizing the harm of smoking to health, in order to treat smoking addiction, the medical profession introduced many "nicotine replacement therapies" in the last century, including nicotine chewing gum, nicotine spray, etc. Including now many people start chewing betel nut to quit smoking, but the more they chew, the more addictive they become.
how to blow glass pipe with propane torch
  In fact, the earliest glasswaterbone can be traced back to 1963. At that time, Herbert Gilbert, a worker in an abandoned factory in Pennsylvania, invented a "smokeless non-tobacco cigarette". The working principle is to heat the nicotine solution to produce scented vapor gas, which is the prototype of the first glass water bong. Unfortunately, it was not actually listed at that time.

  In 2004, Li Han, a Chinese pharmacist addicted to tobacco, invented the first modern "glass water bong" for his own health, which suddenly became popular in the European and American markets, but was expensive. After the financial crisis broke out in 2008, export products were banned and began to be sold at home, so the price of glass water bong products was also slowly falling.

  Later, due to CCTV's exposure of fraud in the glass water bong effect, international patents were not yet in place, and domestic and foreign issues such as tobacco technology were eventually sold to Imperial Tobacco Group in 2013 at a price of US$ 75 million.

  When glass water bong first entered the market, countries around the world had different attitudes towards glass water bong, but Britain adopted a relatively free market. In August 2015, the British Public Health Department issued a report saying: glass water bong is a safer alternative to traditional tobacco. After that, the Royal College of Medicine also released a report that glass water bong has helped thousands of people stop smoking traditional cigarettes.

  Source: British Ministry of Public Health.

  Chesfield royal hospital recently announced on its website that its hospital will allow the use of glass water bong from January 22, 2019.
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  As the body (providing nicotine) and the body habit (imitating smoking behavior) are similar to smoking behavior, "glass water bong" has become a popular electronic product and has become a necessary daily life and a way to obtain nicotine for many smokers.