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The embarrassing situation of domestic water pipe china

by linbin on May 15, 2020
In fact, water pipe china is already included in tobacco products in countries such as the United States, while electronic cigarettes are also included in pharmaceutical products for management in countries such as Japan and Europe. However, in China, although the State Market Supervision Administration and the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued a special notice last year prohibiting the sale of water pipe china to minors, water pipe china, as a new product, still affects the majority of the population.

  However, most domestic production enterprises, mostly under the banner of technology companies, sell water pipe china as electronic products and lack strict supervision. Because the entry threshold for water pipe china is far lower than that for tobacco products and pharmaceutical products.
water pipes banging
  Hunyun.com once mentioned that "random price, three nihilities, low threshold, foggy water pipe china, etc. are scattered". As a new thing, water pipe china has been controversial in terms of safety and policy supervision since the new day. However, its "addiction" feature has indeed set off a wave of craftsmanship in the venture capital industry. There have also been a number of homogeneous product brands in the market, and investors are willing to make big bets.

  In fact, China is already a big country of water pipe china. About 90% of the world's steam water pipe china products and accessories are produced in China. Shenzhen is the birthplace of this "smog" movement. From the perspective of the industrial chain, the upstream of water pipe china mainly includes sprayer equipment, cigarette oil, batteries, chips and other accessories manufacturers, the middle reaches include water pipe china manufacturers or brand enterprises, and the downstream is targeted at retailers and end consumers.

  Some people in the industry disclosed: "all links in the water pipe china industry chain can be outsourced, and the technical content is also very low. their own factories can be assembled and 1.8 million can enter the stage.

  Compared with the existing water pipe china brand in the market, it is based on calabash in terms of structural principle and appearance design. Some people in the industry revealed that the threshold for water pipe china is not high, and the price of several hundred yuan of water pipe china may actually be only a few dozen.
black plastic water pipe
  As China's water pipe china does not fall under the jurisdiction of medical products or tobacco products, it can be said that China's private water pipe china brand is actually in the state of three products, with no supervision, no production standards and no safety certification, thus posing a huge potential safety hazard.

  At this stage, the regulatory authorities have slowly helped to put out the fire. Following the ban on the use of water pipe china in public places in Hangzhou, Nanning, hong kong and other cities and regions, the Beijing tobacco monopoly bureau launched a comprehensive campaign in February this year to crack down on new heating and non-burning tobacco products. At the same time, Shenzhen has included e- cigarettes in the "blacklist of tobacco control" in its smoking control bill.

  In this regard, Qiyun Network will continue to pay attention to the development of the water pipe china industry, reminding consumers wholeheartedly that water pipe china is also a cigarette, smoking is harmful to health, reading more books, reading more newspapers and smoking less.