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Business leaders focus on the glass pipes amazon industry. glass pipes amazon becomes a new continent of business leaders

by linbin on April 30, 2020

  Wang Chunrong, who has been engaged in the glass pipes price business for ten years, believes that the test of supervision is a "trivial matter". Ten years ago, the United States mentioned the development of glass pipes amazon in the United States and directly prohibited all channels from selling glass pipes amazon, but now the United States has become the largest glass pipes amazon market in the world. This incident is only a necessary pain for the development of glass pipes amazon.

  More importantly, only when glass pipes amazon has rules can the glass pipes amazon industry develop on a large scale. Take the US market as an example. After fda "checked the correct body of glass pipes amazon," the result doubles every year. Although nearly US$ 2 billion of capital has gone into the glass pipes amazon industry, the real big shots are still waiting and watching, worried about the uncertainty brought about by regulation.
Is it illegal to sell glass pipes online?
  There have always been two voices in the market demanding policy judgment: first, glass pipes amazon grass will be classified into traditional tobacco management; Second, according to the supervision of special electronic products.

  However, according to the announcement, glass pipes amazon is defined as a' supplement to tobacco products' instead of' special tobacco products' or' new tobacco products', which indicates that the authorities are still considering this point. "A person close to the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau said.

  After suffering, the industry will enter a relatively short period of stability, the insider said. Because from this announcement to the future introduction of a real regulatory policy, there will be no more similar "notices." What glass pipes amazon needs to do is to finally realize offline protection for minors. Only when these values are correct can we ensure that we go further.

  Another noteworthy phenomenon is the attention of China Tobacco Group to glass water pipes prices. According to statistics from the Investment Data Research Department, China Tobacco Group has invested in 57 tobacco subsidiaries and upstream and downstream enterprises, with an investment of 77. Three billion yuan. Among them, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong, Hubei, Guizhou, Shandong, Anhui, Heilongjiang and other local tobacco enterprises have promoted the research and development, production and sales of non-combustible heated tobacco products (similar to iQOS) to varying degrees. However, at present, glass pipes amazon products of China Tobacco's subsidiaries have not reached the level of mass production, and most of them are completed in cooperation with other companies.

  At the Shanghai glass pipes amazon exhibition, which ends at the end of October, a new cigarette from Hubei will be obtained from the new consumption. In addition to heating and non-combustion, the smoke system will also participate in the atomization of glass pipes amazon.

  As a product with rigid demand, high frequency and easy addiction, glass pipes amazon has a huge market. As the fastest growing glass pipes amazon market in the world, the penetration rate of domestic glass pipes amazon market is only 0.6%. The pace of supervision and the scale of the industry are at the stage of exploration and learning. In many aspects, we can refer to the changes in the US glass pipes amazon market. However, because traditional tobacco is a monopoly system in China, the development of glass pipes amazon must be combined with China's national conditions.

  The latest news from today is that the future development of new tobacco in China is more optimistic, and glass pipes amazon is not expected to be included in the exclusive jurisdiction.

  According to the analysis of Tianfeng Securities team, after investigation by industry experts, from the perspective of upstream production, the National Bureau of Statistics will not "monopolize" atomizing glass pipes amazon for the time being, but can only restrict and control some raw materials, such as nicotine salt or nicotine plus ad valorem tax in the production process, and the tax rate is expected to be around 20-30%. At the same time, tobacco oil and cigarette appliance manufacturers will be issued with qualified supplier qualification certificates. From the point of view of downstream sales channels, online is still in a closed state, offline supervision focuses on prevention and control of teenagers, and it is expected that offline channels may be shared with traditional cigarettes in the future.

  For the major glass smoking pipes prices brands that are still exploring ways to break the game, the broker's analysis can be said to be an optimistic estimate of the future. Whether it is laying down offline channels, grinding products, or even the support of state-owned or Chinese tobacco brands, it is all to win the trust of users. By then, the whole structure of glass pipes amazon industry will be truly changed.