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Glass dab rigs welcomes dark moments in the industry: the new deal is devastating for most brands.

by linbin on June 10, 2020


  China is the global glass dab rigs production center, while Shenzhen is the gathering place of glass dab rigs production enterprises in China. More than 90% of Glasdabrigs products are delivered from China to sellers in Europe and America every year. Despite "selling globally", the sudden change in domestic sales policy for glass dab rigs caught many small and medium-sized glass dab rigs manufacturers in Shenzhen by surprise.

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  Although the relevant leaders of several listed companies with water pipes online business told reporters that their business is mainly in overseas markets and has not been affected too much at present, the external environment also makes them wait and see on this business. Glass dab rigs, which cannot be sold online, does not seem to have won the favor of mainstream offline channels. The heads of several large supermarket chains said that there were no plans to introduce glass dab rigs for sale.

  At that time, this new industry with a market size of 100 billion ushered in a dark moment in China.

  Industry Needs to Return to Rationality

  "The saddest thing right now is those glass dab rigs that rely on domestic online sales." Ou Junbiao said. According to what he learned, many enterprises in Shenzhen want to use double 11 to do their best. Some people sell houses and cars to stock up. As a result, after the new policy came out, they lost a lot.

  On November 1, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued the Notice on Further Protecting Minors from glass dab rigs, which regulates the sales of glass dab rigs for the protection of minors. The circular urged the e-commerce platform to close the glass dab rigs store in time and remove glass dab rigs products from the shelves in time.

  As early as August 28, 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued the "Circular on Prohibiting the Sale of glass dab rigs to Minors" (hereinafter referred to as the "Circular"), requiring market entities not to sell glass dab rigs to minors.

  "when the notice was issued, e-commerce platforms began to ban the sale on that day." Glass dab rigs industry committee secretary general oweno said. Even today, the search for glass dab rigs on the e-commerce platform is still not displayed.

  This may be devastating for most water pipes for sale brands. According to Oweno, glass dab rigs manufacturing enterprises are divided into two types. One is manufacturing plants. They are early pioneers, working in the European and American markets and usually employing thousands of people. The other is the brand companies that have just emerged last year. They rely on online sales, and it is this group of people that are most affected at present. "In 2018, more than 70% of glass dab rigs sales in the domestic market were completed online." He said.

  Mr. ou junbiao told reporters that normally, it is now in the peak season of glass dab rigs production and sales. Most glass dab rigs manufacturing enterprises in Shenzhen are hiring, which is the busiest time for production. However, due to the introduction of policies, the products that many people hoard cannot be sold. At present, it has triggered a chain reaction: dealers are afraid to sell, consumers think glass dab rigs products are harmful, and suppliers also feel that the market is not in the right direction and demand payment, causing panic in the entire industry. His company, Tigray, has also seen significant layoffs.

  "the state prohibits glass dab rigs from selling online, and we fully support it. But I also hope that the relevant departments will give the whole industry a buffer period so that enterprises can have some time to digest. " Ou Junbiao said.

  The incident still seems to have a spreading trend, with many regions blocking glass dab rigs offline. Ao Weinuo mentioned that sales of glass dab rigs were not allowed in Chengdu, Chongqing and other regions. However, according to a previous report by China Business News, in Shiyan, Hubei Province, local tobacco monopoly bureau staff extended the control to non-school shopping malls and shops and demanded that glass dab rigs be removed from the market, otherwise they would be subject to administrative punishment or even be disqualified from tobacco monopoly. As a result, shopkeepers faced the choice of "one out of two".

  "Many physical stores do not allow glass dab rigs to be sold. Relevant departments have also proposed to reduce the tobacco quota for some retail stores. This should not be, and is a bit too much." Jiang Yuan, vice president of China Tobacco Control Association, told reporters.

  According to LOOKAH SEAHORSE PRO industry observer Shi Lei, relevant departments still need to treat the offline sales of glass dab rigs rationally. According to Fang Hui, the law enforcement actions in many places still need to be discussed, but this is not a common phenomenon and is not sustainable. At present, the public does not understand it, and some employees in the industry are also feeling panic. After returning to rationality, the industry will develop in a good direction.

  Owino has repeatedly stressed to reporters, "at present, the country only regulates the market of glass dab rigs, not forbids the sale of  glass dab rigs. He called on the outside world to look at glass dab rigs rationally. "

  Who is the rescuer?

  In fact, glass dab rigs have been around for many years. The industry is concentrated in Shenzhen and delivers related products to the world. However, with the entry of IP such as Luo Yonghao and fellow uncle, the whole industry has gradually received attention from the outside world.