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Glass dab rigs was originally a substitute for quitting smoking, but reality has induced young peop

by linbin on June 22, 2020


  Even though the 315 party this year exposed the hazards of glass dab rigs, the online headshop industry is still one of the hot spots in this year's investment community. Advertising and publicity from all channels are constantly being carried out. Under the packaging of manufacturers, glass dab rigs seems to represent a relaxed and healthy lifestyle.

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  Is this really the case? On September 15, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an "emergency executive order" banning the sale of seasoned glass dab rigs. The reason is very simple. The Governor's Office of new york said that the executive order aims to eliminate deceptive glass dab rigs marketing to underage users and raise the purchase age of glass dab rigs from 18 to 21 years old before relevant legislation is issued.

  In Hangzhou, the "most stringent tobacco control order" officially implemented on January 1 this year also includes glass dab rigs in the scope of tobacco control, and smoking in glass pipes for sale is also prohibited in places where smoking is prohibited under the regulations. Reporters in qianjiang evening news learned that, so far, relevant Hangzhou departments have not issued any punishment against glass dab rigs.

  How much influence does glass dab rigs have on young people? Why are more and more cities starting to ban it completely?

  It is difficult for 18-year-olds to climb stairs due to lung injury caused by sucking Glasdabrigs.

  "The first thing to be sure is that more and more young people are coming into contact with glass dab rigs, which is a very bad trend." Li Hequan, deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Internal Medicine of Zhejiang University First Hospital and member of the Tobacco Department of the Respiratory Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said.

  The judgment of this trend comes from a sample questionnaire survey conducted by research institutes in some secondary schools. "how many people are using glass dab rigs? There are no statistics in China, but from the local situation, the use of lookah seahorse is gradually becoming popular among young people. "

  Figures from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that in 2018 alone, about 3.6 million US high school students used glass dab rigs, an increase of 1.5 million over 2017.

  Source: vision china

  After this shocking figure, it is hard to ignore the death of glass dab rigs. As of September 6, 2019, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported more than 450 cases of serious lung diseases related to the use of "electronic cigarettes". Five other people died, aged between 19 and 49. The report shows that they all had a history of smoking glass dab rigs before their death. Although the cause of death is still under investigation, the CDC called on people to consider stopping the use of glass dab rigs until the cause is found out.

  The latest example comes from Adam, an 18-year-old young man who used glass dab rigs for more than a year. He was recently found to have lung damage. According to CCTV news reports, doctors told Adam that the damage was irreversible. Sick, he can no longer move like a normal person, even climbing stairs is very difficult, and his dream of becoming a fireman as a child has almost vanished.

  The 18-year-old Adam chose to take the well-known US glass dab rigs manufacturer to court with a lawsuit. In the lawsuit, Adam and his attorney accused the well-known US glass dab rigs manufacturer "Jewel" of intentionally instilling the suggestion that "glass dab rigs can enhance social status" into teenagers through social media and other channels, but did not fully disclose the harmful ingredients contained in its lookah tattoo glass products.

  Glass dab rigs was originally invented as a substitute for tobacco to reduce the harm of smoking, but in fact more and more young people become potential smokers due to exaggerated commercial publicity.

  "compared with traditional tobacco, glass dab rigs do a lot less harm. the carcinogenic substance released by glass dab rigs is only about 5-10% of that of traditional tobacco." Li Hequan said.

  Nicotine contained in tobacco is the main culprit causing addiction. Nicotine can do great harm to human cardiovascular and nervous systems, but does not cause cancer. Herbert Gilbert, an American, first put forward the concept of glass dab rigs in 1963. He imagined that burning tobacco can release harmful substances, so whether the harm of tobacco can be reduced by extracting the effective components of tobacco for human consumption. In 2003, Li Han, a Chinese pharmacist, successfully developed glass dab rigs for the first time and holds a patent. Its principle is to prepare liquid tobacco oil into vapor smoke by electronic heating for users to smoke. The main component of the tobacco oil is nicotine, with a small amount of additives such as propylene glycol, glycerol and various flavors.

  Source: vision china

  Li Han applied for a patent in 2003. The company he worked for at that time developed "Smoke" glass dab rigs, which began selling domestically in 2004. Glass dab rigs entered Europe and the United States in 2006 and has developed rapidly since 2008. Nearly 90% of glass dab rigs in the international market are made in China. In 2013, Li Han's patent was acquired by Imperial Tobacco of Britain.

  "glass dab rigs was originally invented as a substitute for tobacco to reduce the harm of smoking. The most suitable users are those heavy tobacco addicts who cannot be cured by various effective and scientific methods to quit smoking, so that they can change to glass dab rigs with less harmful substances." Li Hequan said. However, since the tobacco company gradually acquired patents on various glass dab rigs products, its publicity has been covered with the guise of "health", "harmlessness" and even "smoking cessation artifact". This has led people who are not smokers to start using glass dab rigs. Young people are the main force of this group. "Among the users of glass dab rigs, 60% to 70% will become smokers, which is the greatest harm to young people."

  Literature from the United States can also support similar views. On August 13, the Journal of American Medical Association Pediatrics  (JAMA Pediatr) published a document stating that teenagers using glass dab rigs are more likely to smoke marijuana. The study analyzed 128,227 teenagers aged 12-24 and found that glass dab rigs users are 3.5 times more likely than others to smoke marijuana. They usually try glass dab rigs before using marijuana.