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Glass dab rigs life-and-death race: e-commerce companies are all off the shelves, and hundreds of mi

by linbin on June 09, 2020


  On the evening of November 5, Jingdong Suning took off the glass dab rigs one after another. Vapepi, a steam faction, found that the search for "glass dab rigs" on the websites of suning and jingdong had found nothing.

glass water pipes

  A day later, the free fish came off the shelf.

  On the morning of the 7th, Tmall Taobao blocked the keyword "glass dab rigs". At the same time, there is no sign of glass dab rigs in the competition.

  So far, major e-commerce platforms have completely blocked "glass dab rigs".

  All this comes from a document issued by the regulatory authority a week ago.

  On the afternoon of the 1st, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau jointly issued a circular saying that minors should be prevented from buying and smoking glass dab rigs through the Internet, thus further protecting minors from infringement by glass dab rigs.

  The measures have been put into practice. In short, water pipes for sale will be completely banned online.

  This is no different from shocking news to the major electronics manufacturers who are making preparations for "double 11".

  "double 11 can only do nothing." Some people in the industry have estimated conservatively that this means that major Glasdabrigs factories will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising costs.

  It is reported that in order to save the follow-up operating costs, the company has laid off 1/3 of its 200 employees. According to the head of a Glasdabrigs brand, the entire online team has to be cut.

  On the other hand, retail stores off the line are under pressure from supervision, fearing a backlog of goods and opening a clearance sale mode. Vapepi paid a visit to several tobacco shops in beijing, but its brands such as mini, FLOW and MK saw a 10%~50% price cut.

  In late autumn, there was a smell of cold blood in the sky, and the Glasdabrigs industry escape was on.

  Glass dab rigs misfire

  Late at night, when Liu Yuqiang alighted from the plane, the cold air from the north came head on. Compared with the uproar at the Glasdabrigs exhibition in Shanghai the day before, Beijing is now in a state of depression.

  "The day has finally come." He said silently that the head of marketing department at glass dab rigs could not hide his tiredness, but he had to rush to his office in Wangjing immediately. There, a room full of people and cigarettes were waiting for him.

  This day is the second day after the "glass dab rigs Ban" was promulgated. The coming war in double 11 has not yet sounded and the heavy weight of supervision has fallen.

  "Faster than we thought." A lookah snail agent said that due to the glass dab rigs ban, he also started to liquidate the glass dab rigs that he had stockpiled in his hand and could get away in time in case the cigarette factory opened to reduce its price.

  One official document made the whole glass dab rigs industry jittery.

  A week ago, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau jointly issued a circular saying that minors should be prevented from buying and smoking glass dab rigs through the Internet, further protecting minors from infringement by glass dab rigs.

  On the night when the "glass dab rigs Ban" was promulgated, Pindot blocked the search results of keywords such as "Glass DAB Rigs" and "Flow". (and then on-line and off again)

  Then, Yueke RELX, FLOW Fulu, MOTI Magic Flute and other more than 20 GlassDaRigs brands lined up to announce that they would ban the sale of GlassDaRigs online and actively improve the distribution of offline channels without serving minors.

  Yue Ke issued a statement on the 7th

  In fact, as early as last August, the above two departments issued the "Notice on Prohibiting the Sale of glass dab rigs to Minors". At the 315 party this year, glass dab rigs was named and exposed by CCTV, claiming that there were excessive formaldehyde, propylene glycol and glycerin in glass dab rigs fog, which had strong irritating effects on respiratory tract.

  Now that the past has reappeared, supervision has become more effective.

  "The wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it. glass dab rigs earns too much money and the area of the masses is too wide. At last, it is going to be the best bird." An insider said.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, tobacco monopoly supervision departments in key areas are currently interviewing with relevant law enforcement departments on major e-commerce platforms to urge them to close glass dab rigs stores and remove glass dab rigs products in a timely manner.

  On the afternoon of November 5, JD.com and Express were interviewed on nine platforms. In the evening, JD.com and Suning took off glass dab rigs one after another.

  A Beijing-based head glass dab rigs factory disclosed that it was also interviewed on the same day.

  Jingdong, Suning, Bingduo, Xianyu and Taobao Tmall took off the shelves or blocked the keyword "glass dab rigs", which poured cold water on the sweeping glass dab rigs industry.

  According to incomplete statistics, in the first half of 2019, the number of domestic glass dab rigs industry investments reached 35 and the financing exceeded 1 billion yuan. The momentum is unstoppable. It is also reported that North American Glasdabrigs giant JUUL gave employees an annual bonus of 1.3 million US dollars per person last year. It's amazing.

  This year, double 11 was originally the marketing center of the major Glasdabrigs factories. According to conservative estimates in the  industry, glass dab rigs brand manufacturers have contributed hundreds of millions of yuan of advertising expenses to the distribution, marketing and advertising of goods in double 11.

  Now, the regulatory boots fall down, and for an instant, the glass dab rigs industry, which is rising in Aung, is watching as if it were going to lose its voice.

  Glass dab rigs+ derivative

  Under the heavy pressure of supervision,water pipes online brand makers also need to find their own way out.

  Xiao Yucheng, an insider in the industry, told vapepi, a steam faction, that glass dab rigs has three net sales channels.

  One is community ecommerce. glass dab rigs is a high-resale product. It adds old users to the community for maintenance and resale. This is also the normal operation method of various ecommerce platforms at present.

  Second, the micro-business channel and QQ channel have always been relatively hidden sales channels, which are difficult to supervise and implement. They are also the main sales channels for all kinds of "three noes" and "gray products".

  Third, there are channels for second-hand platforms such as revolving and idle fish. "This channel may be blocked in the future, but it can't be banned. Second-hand platforms have always been used as sales platforms."