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Glass dab rigs' departure from traditional cigarette culture

by linbin on June 22, 2020


  In China, cigarettes once became a symbol of social status. Different brands of cigarettes represent different consumption capabilities. In addition, cigarettes have strong social properties. Besides self-smoking, it is also widely used in gift market and daily relationship maintenance.

  Secondly, under the condition that glass dab rigs has not formed mainstream consumer goods, consumers are unfamiliar with its brand and the market education cost is quite high.

glass dab rigs

  Second, not cigarettes, does not mean no harm to the body

  Glass dab rigs, also known as electronic cigarettes, is a substitute for cigarettes. Is glass dab rigs harmless to human body? The answer  is no. Most of the tobacco oil in glass dab rigs contains propylene glycol, which has a stimulating effect on human body, and some people will have allergic reactions to it. The smoke oil in some new products will produce toxic carbonyl compounds at high temperature. In vitro cell experiments show that some components that regulate the taste of online headshop are cytotoxic, but the extrapolation of the results of in vitro experiments needs to be studied separately

  Third, policy risks have always existed

  Glass dab rigs has always been unable to avoid the problem of policy supervision, which largely depends on the position of the regulatory authorities. On July 22nd, Mao Qun 'an, director of the Planning Department of the National Health and Construction Commission, said that the supervision of glass dab rigs must be strictly strengthened. He emphasized the harm of glass dab rigs to health, and said that the Health and Health Commission is working with relevant departments to carry out research on the supervision of glass dab rigs.

  On the other hand, China tobacco is a big mountain in front of lookah seahorse enterprises. At present, the domestic glass dab rigs industry is still too early, and China Tobacco still looks down on this new creature, and has not yet taken action. There is a super big MAC that combines government and enterprise. Have glass dab rigs entrepreneurs considered its feelings? It is not yet time for colleagues to fight each other and fight each other.

  Glass dab rigs is putting in more and more advertisements, and business opportunities hope to capture the minds of users and rapidly expand their market share through the marketing strategy of throwing advertisements. Both offline and online, Glasdabrigs brand advertising has appeared. Although there are relevant provisions explicitly prohibiting tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, glass dab rigs advertising has bypassed the regulations and appeared on various occasions.

  In addition, due to fierce competition in the industry, the serious problem of product homogeneity is gradually exposed, and the challenge of testing whether manufacturers can survive in this Red Sea has come.

  As for who can survive in this Red Sea, time will be given to prove it. However, it is certain that most glass dab rigs manufacturers will become cannon fodder under the wind.

  According to the data released by China Tobacco, the industry leader, by 2018, the number of smokers in China had reached 316 million, accounting for 23.07% of the country's total population. The number of smokers in the world was the first, accounting for about 30% of the total number of smokers in the world (indeed, there were many smokers, and the data were also good-looking). Since glass dab rigs is an unnecessary substitute for tobacco, the glass dab rigs market is segmented based on 316 million people.

  Secondly, low threshold production and huge profits

  Just like the original smart phone, glass dab rigs is a fast-starting industry and a virgin market to be developed. From upstream, it is relatively difficult to produce batteries and atomizers. The most important thing is the factory that produces "smoke bombs". In addition, many enterprises in the glass dab rigs industry can easily enter, similar to China's counterfeit market. If some brands do not sell well this year, they will be sold under another brand tomorrow.

  Just like the original smart phones, when the "Thousand Smoke War" struck, the channels became the hot cakes. Some people like to pay no attention, some people sit on the floor and raise prices, and others take advantage of the situation. In the long chain of glass dab rigs, each participant has to get a piece of the action.

  Some glass pipes for sale entrepreneurs complained, "bonus hunter on the C side, subsidies on the B side." Don't worry about money.

  Newborn things are often fragile. Compared with traditional cigarettes, glass dab rigs do not have carbon monoxide, tar and other substances produced when cigarettes burn. However, this does not mean that glass dab rigs do not have second-hand smoke problems.

  In Shenzhen, glass dab rigs has even been blacklisted for smoking control, and bus stops and outdoor ticketing areas for tourist attractions have also been included in non-smoking areas. Judging from Shenzhen's strictest smoking ban policy, it seems that the Shenzhen government also classifies glass dab rigs as a category of tobacco.

  The Glasdabrigs industry has just started, and there is a gap in domestic policy supervision. It looks like high technology, high-quality talents and high valuation. No one can be sure what changes this industry will bring to Chinese society, which has been questioned. This entrepreneur seems to be a product of the future, but his future is uncertain.