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Glass dab rigs ban reverses US sales of related products

by linbin on June 09, 2020


  Glass dab rigs was hit by the ban, but it resumed immediately.

  Last month, just days before Washington State was expected to impose an emergency ban on flavored glass dab rigs, the state-wide price of the product fell 35%.

  "Shops' discounts have led to a sharp increase in sales," said Cy Scott, founder and chief executive officer of Headset, a smoking set sales system. A ban aimed at resolving the glass dab rigs crisis has actually led people to hoard glass dab rigs.

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  Sales data from marijuana retail stores show that sales of glass dab rigs have been declining since August in areas such as Washington  State, California and Colorado where a ban on glass dab rigs has been implemented. But despite the ban, the price drop still ensured the circulation of the product.

  This is one of the many unexpected consequences of the ban. Another is that the ban is not very popular.

  U.S. President Trump has yet to sign the ban on most seasoned glass dab rigs he promised in September. U.S. media reported that he feared the move would drain voters. Public opinion on the ban is almost divided.

  Not only trump but also state lawmakers are trying to find the right way to supervise water pipes online. Some people support the ban, while others call for research. So far, Washington and Massachusetts have adopted the strictest policies. Most of the bans point to glass dab rigs pens, not marijuana pens. For example, San Francisco has banned the sale of glass dab rigs pens, while marijuana pens are still legal.

  However, both nebulizer and glass dab rigs are associated with glass dab rigs disease. A recent study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, accounts for 82% of deaths from lung injury related to glass dab rigs or glass dab rigs, while nicotine accounts for 62%. However, this does not mean that THC is a harmful ingredient. On the contrary, it indicates that both glass dab rigs and atomizers may cause glass dab rigs disease.

  As Headset's data show, extreme measures such as bans may have the opposite effect of expectations-boosting sales of lookah glass bong review. The ban may also encourage people to look for products on the black market or to make their own products, and many products related to glass dab rigs disease come from the black market.

  Although media reports have made efforts to prevent the sales of Glasdabrigs, lung injury cases related to Glasdabrigs continue to increase. During the period from November 8 to November 13, at least more than 100 cases of this disease occurred. This situation has spread to all states in the United States except Alaska. The CDC has identified at least one "worrying chemical" related to the disease, vitamin e acetate. Whether it's a black market vendor or a glass dab rigs fan, they make their own liquid and put it into steam. Usually they dilute linseed oil with vitamin E acetate.

  As shops in some areas have removed illegal goods from their shelves, some brands that make marijuana atomizers have also been hit.

  In early October, William MacLean, chief executive officer of atomizer manufacturer WildFLOWer Brands, said: "The ban led to a 50% drop in sales of our products." At that time, only the bans in San Francisco and Massachusetts took effect, but the introduction of further bans prompted marijuana shops to delay placing orders. He said that his enterprise should not bear the losses caused by lack of supervision. He said: "All our customers and agents have not found any problems, and even the media have not reported them."

  He pointed out that the UK has a thriving glass dab rigs culture, but there has been no outbreak of related diseases, because the UK regulatory agencies have taken more detailed measures, such as limiting the capacity of glass dab rigs, limiting the nicotine content in glass dab rigs liquid and banning the use of specific ingredients such as caffeine and taurine.

  However, in the United States and Canada, due to the lack of clear regulations on glass dab rigs, enterprises are free to produce popular but not high-safety products. MacLean pointed out that young people are especially attracted to glass dab rigs, which produce milky white smoke. Glass dab rigs manufacturers are eager to add additives to their mixtures to produce this effect. He said: "If propylene glycol is added, a large amount of white smoke will be obtained, and the higher the temperature, the greater the amount of steam."

  Researchers have just begun to understand the effects of inhaling propylene glycol and other substances in glass dab rigs on human health. One of the most difficult aspects of studying glass dab rigs and atomizers is that their compositions are different and the liquid evaporates immediately. Harvard University researcher Yulin Hswen has been tracking the root causes of water pipes for sale. Earlier this month, he said: "From adding herbal oils such as Coca Cola to lavender essential oil, people use glass dab rigs to suck all kinds of things."

  This makes it difficult for regulators to enact laws against harmful substances. At the same time, researchers know that there are some  problems, such as vitamin E acetate. Other studies have also pointed out that the metal parts in the atomizer are also harmful. A study by Johns Hopkins University in 2018 found that vapors inhaled by glass dab rigs users contain "unsafe" metals, including lead, chromium and manganese. Subsequent research also reached similar conclusions.

  MacLean said: "We should standardize the quality of the equipment to ensure that there are no dangerous components, such as chromium. This element is found everywhere in disposable atomizers, and everyone knows chromium can cause cancer. "