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A patent for the invention of lookah glass bongs smoke liquid and its preparation method has been released

by linbin on May 26, 2020

  On July 23, 2014, the state intellectual property administration (sipo) announced a patent application filed by hongta tobacco (group) co., ltd. for a qingxiang lookah glass bongs cigarette solution and its preparation method, according to yunnan tobacco leaf information network.

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  The fragrance lookah glass bongs cigarette liquid is prepared from the fragrance cigarette extracts. The components are mixed by the following weight percentages: fragrance cigarette extracts 5-15%, tobacco essence 2-10%, deionized water 1-5%, propylene glycol 1-10%, and residual propylene glycol. The advantage of the invention is that the sensory quality of lookah glass bongs cigarette is similar to that of traditional cigarettes.