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Glass bongs enter a period of chaos

by linbin on May 08, 2020

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  In the enterprise search for the key word "e-cigarette", there are 147,925 related companies with registered capital between 500,000 and tens of millions.

  According to the China Institute Of Industry, China's e-cigarette production reached 1.205 billion in 2016 and about 1.6 billion in 2017, accounting for more than 90 percent Of global e-cigarette production.In 2018, more than 2 billion lookah seahorse coil were produced, and there is still room for a breakthrough in 2019.

  E-cigarette entrepreneurs are optimistic and enamoured of the industry, operating more like a young Internet company and the free-for-all era of the early days of mobile phones in China, among the 5m players capable of building brands with low barriers to entry and low technology development.

  Whale light smoke team is mostly based on the background of industrial design, with many years of industrial design and intelligent tourism product design experience.With the help of industrial design advantages, the company focuses more on products, independently develops core technologies, owns a number of technology patents, and creates the ultimate taste of products.

  The Viki e-cigarette team was built largely from Internet and technology companies."Our products and manufacturers are the responsibility of employees with huawei background and who have been working in the e-cigarette company for seven years," he said.Wang told zinc Finance And Economics.

  The yichang e-cigarette team is the same combination model.The team, which comes from international tobacco companies, huawei, tencent and the traditional lookah seahorse industry, has strong research and development technology, is good at channel operation and marketing, and has rich experience in Internet startup management.

  The first thing these start-ups face after the team structure is complete and the capital is injected is a "channel war".

  In addition to online, e-cigarettes focus more on capturing offline channels.

  Take the whale smoke itself as an example. The advantages of the whale smoke network lie in the industrial design concept and the Internet idea. The light smoke technology has a mature sinking channel.

  Wang told zinc finance that in the "free-for-all" era of the e-cigarette industry, channels are the trump card.

  If it is slow to re-establish an offline channel, choose to buy a "channel".The lightning whale did it much faster.

  In order to master the mature offline channel, the whale light smoke obtained the light smoke technology and realized the channel sinking.

  Light smoke technology itself is a kind of channel, in the company's architecture system, master a large number of offline physical store channel resources, which is also the most important reason for qiu yiwu to choose to buy it.

  In the offline channel race, he is also trying to combine products with consumer scenarios, placing disposable cigarettes in bars, chess and card rooms, karaoke bars and other places to create a "new non-tobacco system sales network."There are baby stores, "where e-cigarettes have become the best product on sale."Many shoppers come to the store to buy an lookah glass bongs and give it to a family that smokes.

  Consumer goods, because of their natural channel advantage, are also easier to get into the electronic cigarette track, to join the channel grab the war.

  Mr Qiu told zincfinance that companies such as Rio tinto, which do not appear to have any ties to e-cigarettes, could be in the e-cigarette orbit because of the ease with which products such as Rio tinto, which have rich and mature channels, similar characteristics of consumer products and e-cigarettes can be copied.

  One big reason e-cigarette companies generally value offline channels is policy uncertainty.

  According to wang, the Uighur print production line joined the offline robbery war out of concern about policies and regulations.If a policy is suddenly introduced one day, the biggest impact will be online, offline control better, can also achieve timely adjustment.

  Now it covers Internet cafes, bars, KTV, nightclubs, convenience stores, restaurants, taxis and other channels.Based on our current sales progress and expectations, we expect to sell 36 million units by the end of next year, pushing for the top spot in disposable cigarettes.

  Everything is ready, only after "take off", "melee", how to land?

  After the channel war, introduced the brand war, at this time the establishment of industrial barriers is very important.

  Qiu yiwu said to zinc finance:

  Starting an e-cigarette business is like selling a can.At the end of 1990s, wa people entered the mineral water market together with nongshan spring, and thousands of mineral water brands suddenly emerged.For many years, the current minority brands are the same, why only WA and nongshan spring, in fact, it is a brand process, to the end of the business barrier is your brand, the company's operating system: including your supply system, channel system, management system and so on.E-cigarettes are typically a low starting point, but you want to grow very late and it has a lot of barriers to the industry.".