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Is rb glassbonds 100% safe?

by linbin on April 24, 2020
Is rb glass bonds 100% safe? The initial conclusion is that rb glass bongs are not 100% safe, but less harmful than cigarettes, and whether rb glass bongs can give up smoking is also controversial.

  Is rb glassbonds 100% safe?

  Scientists from Ohio State University, Emory University, new york University and Columbia University's School of Public Health published a column in Science on December 13, 2019. Scientists believe that although rb glass bongs are not 100% safe, rb glass bongs are safer substitutes than cigarettes and can help people quit smoking.
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  Small glass bone is not risk-free but relatively safe. A 2018 research report by the National Institute of Science, Engineering and Medicine pointed out that nicotine rb glass bongs can replace traditional cigarettes to reduce the possibility of smokers' exposure to "multiple poisons and carcinogens". A series of studies and results show that small glass bong also emits harmful substances, but it is 95% less harmful than that of traditional cigarettes. small glass bong seems to be less harmful to individuals than cigarettes.

  1. Ordinary cigarettes do great harm to cigarette tar, while rb glass bongs does not contain cigarette tar.

  2. The nicotine content in common tobacco is fixed and difficult to eradicate. Nicotine can be added to rb glassbonds to adjust nicotine content at different concentrations.

  3. Ordinary smoke combustion will produce a large number of non-decomposable solid particles, such as PM2.5 attached to throat, trachea, lung and other parts, and continue to accumulate damage to human body. Rb glass bongs fog technology produces that decomposable liquid particles are absorbed or discharged by the human body, basically without causing particle damage.

  Of course, on the other hand, ordinary tobacco and fronted glass bone are not good crops, but both kinds of evil deeds have the right to be taken lightly. Smoking is the best thing, and at the same time, it is absolutely forbidden for teenagers to smoke, not even Frosted Glassbone.