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What does the size of the led glass bong have to do with it?

by linbin on April 23, 2020

    For best glass bongs players like me who want to quit, smoking size has always been an important indicator of e-cigarettes and one of the main reasons I've included it in traditional alternatives to cigarettes.In fact, in addition to the nicotine, which is hard to quit, the pleasure of swallowing fog is the key to my immersion, as I'm sure most smokers do.You mustn't smoke.Do you still smoke?Do you always think something is missing?

how to fix a cracked glass bong

  E-cigarettes LOOKAH SHOP can produce cigarettes similar to cigarettes, and there are many flavors to choose from, so the nicotine content of traditional cigarettes is not harmful to the body, but also allows people to choose their own preferences, the best taste, is not perfect?

  But in my opinion, the size of the smoke cannot be ignored.

  So what does the size of the smoke have to do with it?

  There are many factors that affect the size of e-cigarette smoke, but it's not just a smoke problem.If you search on the Internet, you can also find many answers.Here, I did a little comb, you can refer to it:

  1. The proportion of PG/VG in smoke: it must be said that smoke is indeed an important factor affecting the smoke size.(note: PG is propanediol and glycerol is larger if the VG is higher.)

  2. Battery voltage: under the condition of constant current and constant resistance, the greater the voltage, the greater the smoke quantity.

  3. The atomization core resistance: under oil rigs the condition of constant current constant voltage, the lower the resistance, the smoke content is higher, EG the conventional range series of electronic cigarette is 1.6 ~ 2.5 Ω.3.0 Ω also use fewer people, because of high resistance, the amount is small, can't suck.With the use of high resistance and high smoke, the resistance will be lower and lower as the technology matures and the demand rises.

  4. Current: the amount of smoke also depends on the current.At constant voltage and resistance, the greater the current, the greater the amount of smoke.

  Lung capacity of an glass percolator bong e-cigarette smoker: playing a high-powered e-cigarette has a lot to do with a person's lung capacity.A person with large lung capacity needs to breathe and steam rolls;A person with small lung capacity needs a little water and a little steam.

  6. Airflow: under certain conditions, the air flow is large and the smoke is also large.Until 2014, the e-cigarette industry had no concept of air flow, just breathing and breathing.

  For now, the top three e-cigarette brands, Vitavp, are still doing well in the smoke.It can cover your face.It's a good choice for someone like me who needs an atmosphere.Those who are interested can try it.Although it is a brand, but the price is still under evaluation, which is also an important reason for me to choose it, ha.