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What if glass bong shop has oil in its mouth?

by linbin on April 23, 2020


  What if glass gravity bong has oil in its mouth?I believe that many people are familiar with Glass pipes, because Glass pipes is still popular among many people as an alternative to ordinary cigarettes, so it is troublesome for people who often use Glass pipes to fill their mouths with oil.

  What if Glass pipes has oil in its mouth?

  Some novice friends run too fast, and soon add too much smoke oil, so the atomization core is too saturated, or some smoke oil has not been absorbed by the atomization core into the base, oil is too full will also appear oil leakage phenomenon, so in view of this situation, Glass pipes mouth oil is what?

how to clean glass pipes and bongs

  Solution: what if Glass pipes has oil in its mouth?Try not to fill the tank too full, generally no more than two-thirds of the tank, a little bit at a time, a little bit at a time, again and again, don't try to save the trouble, add too much."If the filling amount is too large, the air pressure in the atomization room is small. Under the action of gravity, more smoke oil penetrates into the atomization core, which is easy to flow out of the cigarette nozzle or into the mouth.

  What if Glass pipes has oil in its mouth?In the wrong

  The wrong way to use Glass pipes is also serious.Many friends habitually blow air into the atomizer when they use it, which is wrong.The structure of product storage atomizer is different from that of drop atomizer.A long time of blowing in the finished sprayer, sometimes blowing the oil points together into the base, together with the condensate water accumulated for a long time, resulting in oil leakage.

  Solution: in this case, how to add oil to the glass water bong mouth, try not to blow into the pipe mouth, if you smoke the Glass pipes feel a whimper, that means there are condensation water droplets on the wall of the flue, then the cigarette mouth was thrown a few times, you can throw out, blowing in is not to solve the problem.

  What if Glass pipes has oil in its mouth?The thread at the sprayer joint was not tightened

  The sprayer refueling portion and the portion combined with the battery rod are connected by a sealing apron and threaded connections.If the thread is not tightened and the sealing apron is not pressed, it is not sealed, causing soot oil to seep through the nozzle, or to combine with the battery rod, how to oil the Glass pipes nozzle.

  Solution: what if there is oil in the Glass pipes?That is, after the threads are tightened, screw them again with the appropriate strength until they can no longer be screwed to ensure that all threads are tightened.

  What if Glass pipes has oil in its mouth?Placed for a long time

  The exhaust oil in the atomizer is placed for a long time without use, which will also cause oil leakage.Since most finished atomizers have a negative pressure oil-conducting structure, for a long time, due to the constant pressure in the atomizer, the oil will continue to be guided, and the atomization core will leak into the base and cause oil leakage. In this case, how to remove oil from the Glass pipes nozzle.

  Solution: what if mini glass bong has oil in its mouth?Each time to use according to their own situation as far as possible to ensure that the oil added on the day can be completed in the day.If you need to leave it for a long time, loosen the atomizer and pour the soot into it.