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Which is more harmful, glass water bong or tobacco?

by linbin on May 07, 2020

  Which is more harmful to glass water bong or tobacco?This is a major concern for many consumers who switched from cigarettes to glass water bong.No one on the Internet gave any authoritative explanation.Now compare glass water bong with traditional cigarettes to see which ones are harmful.

  Which is more harmful, glass water bong or tobacco?

  Smoking is more harmful.Cigarettes contain nicotine, tar, carbon dioxide and other carcinogens, and glass water bong is chemically extracted.Therefore, smoking is more harmful by comparison.Suggestion: glass water bong will be healthier. You can choose to use glass water bong instead of real cigarettes.

  The difference between glass water bong and real smoke is as follows:

  Nearly all cigarettes are free of tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances. They contain only nicotine, which is not harmful in itself. It is just an addictive substance.Of course, you can't eat too much.If you smoke eight packs of real cigarettes a day, you will also be poisoned by nicotine.Of course, you can use the other ingredients to go straight up into the sky before you get poisoned.

  2. DGC glass bongs produces almost no second-hand smoke and produces relatively little fog, and does not make people feel the fog, the impact on the people around them and the real smoke of second-hand smoke, which is almost negative compared with second-hand smoke.

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  3. The DGC glass bongs artificially control the level of nicotine and gradually reduce the level of nicotine in use according to one's own will, which may eventually achieve the effect of quitting smoking.

  The health hazards of cigarettes are well known:

  Smoking causes cancer

  According to professional data, the incidence of lung cancer in smokers is 10 times that of non-smokers.British experts studied 35,000 smokers for 50 years.The results showed that 11 types of cancer, including lung, pancreatic, sinus and liver cancer, were closely related to smoking.

  Two, hyperosteogeny

  Long-term smoking can lead to osteoporosis, menopause can come earlier than the general population, men can also lead to the loss of sexual function and fertility, affecting the relationship between couples.

  3. Intelligence decline

  Smoking causes a loss of concentration.Ninety-nine percent of people think smoking can relieve fatigue and boredom, but researchers have shown that smoking seriously affects people's intelligence and memory.

  DGC glass bongs.

  Glass water bong, also known as glass water bong, is used to stop smoking and replace cigarettes.First, it looks and tastes like regular cigarettes, but glass water bong tastes more than regular cigarettes and can be smoked like regular cigarettes.

  Glass water bong is made up of battery sticks, sprayers and smoke bombs.So what harm does glass water bong do to human body?According to the experiment, smoking in one day is far more dangerous than smoking glass water bong in a year, with regular cigarettes releasing 9,450 times more toxic substances than glass water bong.

  Which is more harmful to mini glass bong or tobacco?Needless to say, tobacco is clearly more harmful. Mini glass bong is a scientific research product that replaces tobacco by mimicking the taste of real cigarettes, and without the harmful effects of tobacco on the human body, so mini glass bong can be used to help quit smoking.