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How to provide after-sales service for glass pipes and bongs?

by linbin on April 23, 2020

  dinosaur glass bong were originally intended as a smoking cessation product.After more than a decade of development, glass pipes and bongs gradually developed into consumer electronics.Many traditional smokers are becoming glass pipes and bongs consumers.The glass pipes and bongs market is growing rapidly.

  Glass pipes and bongs combine the characteristics of both electronic and tobacco products.From the hardware point of view of glass pipes and bongs, it is more like an electronic product.Only its consumables are the range of tobacco products.

  China is the world's most promising market for glass pipes and bongs.China has the world's largest tobacco market, with 350 million smokers.Glass pipes and bongs accounted for less than 0.2 percent of China's cigarette sales of 1.42 trillion yuan in 2015.Globally, glass pipes and bongs account for about 1.1 per cent of cigarette sales.

  In the face of such rapid market growth, the after-sales service of glass pipes and bongs products is facing a tough situation.At present, there are many after-sales problems of glass pipes and bongs in the market, such as inability to contact manufacturers, short service term, lack of use guidance, low quality of service personnel, poor information management ability, etc.

  In any mature electronics industry, after-sales service will be ridiculed.However, it is not surprising that the glass pipes and bongs industry is still in its early stages of development due to its short and rapid growth.

  How to provide after-sales service for glass pipes and bongs?From the perspective of industry and enterprises, haifu technology considers it necessary to do well in the following aspects:

  1.Formulate a unified after-sales service policy for the industry

  "The positioning of glass pipes and bongs has been a problem for the industry," he said.According to the nature of the product, the service policy should be classified as the electronic product service policy.The national "three package" policy for electronics also needs to be implemented on glass pipes and bongs.In the case of unclear national policies, the glass pipes and bongs industry association should take the initiative to formulate standards and policies in line with the long-term development of the industry, among which the after-sales service policy is also an important policy.

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  2.Establish telephone and online service system

  Call center and online service center are an indispensable after-sales service, which is the most convenient way for users to contact with manufacturers and the most direct way for manufacturers to contact users.From the user's point of view, users can seek help from manufacturers to solve product problems through telephone or Internet services.From the manufacturer's perspective, user and product quality information can be collected through the call center to provide a reliable basis for improving product quality and product design.Therefore, the establishment of convenient telephone and online service system is the first step to start the service.

  3. Establish a maintenance service center system covering all sales areas

  E-cigarette products are electronic products with physical objects.No matter what the design of electronic products, some products are likely to fail in the warranty period, maintenance and replacement is an inevitable choice.In China's current situation, the establishment of service agencies in the field of sales is a necessary condition for the implementation of maintenance and replacement.Service organizations can be established by the manufacturers themselves or jointly through industry associations and authorized by multiple manufacturers, so that maintenance personnel, venue, brand and other resources can be Shared to save costs.

  4.Establish a rapid response and adequate supply of spare parts business system

  "The three armies do not move, the first", spare parts are the material basis of after-sales service, maintenance and replacement of glass pipes and bongs products is the same.As it stands, glass pipes and bongs are also modular in design, and damaged parts can be repaired with replacement parts.The replacement of glass pipes and bongs is fast, and the storage of spare parts is a key issue.At the same time, it is also a high technical content work to formulate an economical and feasible BOM for maintenance spare parts.

  5.Establish efficient service management information system

  No matter telephone network service system, maintenance service center system, spare parts operation system, are inseparable from management, the most effective management means is to establish an end-to-end whole process management information system.The system can make a number of large service systems cooperate with each other, promote the rapid completion of maintenance services, and can monitor the service quality, improve user satisfaction.Service management information system is the most important work in the product services of glass pipes and bongs. From customer management to the realization of secondary sales of products, that is, through the old customers to increase the buyback rate, when the enterprise's buyback rate is higher, the enterprise's cost is lower.

  Through the development of the above five tasks, glass pipes and bongs enterprises can initially establish a simple service system.With the development of the industry, enterprises continue to grow, after-sales service system will continue to improve and improve.I believe that most of the enterprises will do well in the after-sales service of frosted glass bong products, so that the vast number of users really feel good products and good service.