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Three things rb glass bongs can't kill

by linbin on May 07, 2020

glass water bong, also known as virtual smoke, consist of batteries, heated evaporators and smoke-filled pipes.The amount of nicotine in a cigarette can vary.

  Since the first e-cigarette was invented in 2003, and it's 16 years old, e-cigarettes have actually grown into a huge industry.I don't think the e-cigarette industry can over-brand e-cigarette products as harmless (like selling mobile phones without any radiation);But we can't "demonize" it, kill it with a stick, that's a little extreme!

  "(1) 95 percent less harmful than traditional cigarettes

  China is a big tobacco country with more than 300 million smokers.Every smoker knows that smoking is harmful to his health.Giving up smoking early is good for your health.But getting smokers to quit is very difficult.I have a lot of friends who smoke.

how to clean a glass bong without alcohol

  "As a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, glass bongs are a compromise solution for smokers, especially the old ones.

  A Harvard University study found that nearly a quarter of samples contained bacterial toxins linked to e. coli and chlamydia, and nearly 80 percent contained fungal toxins that can cause asthma and lung failure.Some netizens jokingly replied: "please tell me another 3/4 brand."According to a survey commissioned by the department of health, the new e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

  Who on earth has a point?Is the harm of smoking mainly due to nicotine?In fact, the reason why cigarettes are harmful is not only in the nicotine, but in the combustion of a series of harmful substances.Traditional tobacco produces smoke by burning tobacco leaves and other substances. When burned, hundreds of harmful substances such as tobacco tar, heavy metals and carbon monoxide will be produced, which are harmful to people's health. Some of them can even cause cancer.E-cigarettes, on the other hand, simulate the taste of traditional tobacco by atomizing the tobacco oil containing nicotine, propylene glycol, edible essence, etc.Smoking traditional cigarettes is like doing chemical experiments with your mouth every day.By contrast, e-cigarettes are much healthier in terms of their ingredients and how they are made than traditional cigarettes.

  (2) the employment generated by e-cigarettes should not be underestimated

  "In the face of the cyclical slowdown of the global economy, macro economic pressures are still falling in 2020, combined with the supply side of structural reform continued to deepen, has continued layoffs and closed since last year, without any signs of improvement, employment difficulties might be one thing on the minds of many people, the development of the electronic cigarette industry increased a lot of employment opportunities.

  More than 90 percent of the world's e-cigarette products come from China. China's oil rigs industry employs more than 2 million people, including e-cigarette designers, assembly line workers, first-line sales and overseas agents, as well as busy entrepreneurs.

  "In the long run, e-cigarettes are the biggest tax collector

  "The tobacco industry has always been an industry with heavy taxation, heavy taxation and high tax rate. According to the data of the state tobacco monopoly administration, in 2018, the tobacco industry achieved a total industrial and commercial tax revenue of 1,155.6 billion yuan and a total state financial revenue of 100.8 billion yuan.

  At present, the tax paid by China's e-cigarette industry mainly includes value-added tax and corporate income tax, as well as value-added tax mainly on urban construction and maintenance tax and education surcharge. It does not pay consumption tax, and only pays tax on ordinary consumer goods. The tax liability is far lower than that of traditional tobacco.

  And e-cigarette tax policy in the global exploration phase.Recently, the United States, Russia, the Philippines, South Korea and other countries are studying the development of tax regulations on e-cigarettes.

  At present, the tax contribution brought by China's glass gravity bong industry, ultimately no public data, preliminary estimates at least 3 billion yuan per year.