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glass pipes and bongs Poor sales, who will die

by linbin on May 07, 2020

       Lu jie, head of the monopoly supervision department of the state tobacco monopoly administration, said market supervision and law enforcement must also be strengthened to deal with the sale of mini glass bong to minors in physical stores, especially in primary and middle schools.

  Compared with online channels, offline channel systems are more complex and harder to monitor and implement e-cigarette purchases by minors.

  Some measures to prevent minors from buying cigarettes offline can provide references for some e-cigarette companies.Yue chao insiders revealed that this month, yue chao will use facial recognition, age detection and other technologies to offline stores, not for minors to provide services;In addition, the company has launched an age-identifying vending machine, and sina technology has experienced the opportunity to sell id information and decide whether to sell LOOKAH SHOP to buyers.

  However, these deployments require significant additional costs, which are also unaffordable for small and medium-sized brands.

  All businesses "must cross barriers when national standards attack them.

  In fact, the supervision by the state tobacco monopoly administration and the state administration for market supervision is only the first step, involving only the chaos in the sales process.

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  The chaos in production is even worse.Although China is number one in the world.High-quality cool water pipes produced in China are mostly exported to Europe and the United States, while counterfeit and low-quality e-cigarettes flood the domestic market, according to a report released by the research group on public health and technology regulation at tsinghua university.Coupled with the lack of clear industry standards and regulatory mechanisms, some companies pursue short-term profits, smoke bombs are not up to standard, oil leakage, battery quality is not up to standard, resulting in occasional bursts.

  Zhi xiuyi, vice chairman of the China tobacco industry association, said on CCTV that e-cigarettes should be regulated, and industry access standards should be set as soon as possible.At the same time, specific ingredients should be identified, so that e-cigarette users know what is in it, improve product production, quality, packaging, marketing channels and other aspects of the regulatory policy.

  Relevant departments have also taken action in this regard.In July, the national student council said it was working with authorities to study the regulation of e-cigarettes and planned to regulate them through legislation.However, the industry was expected to announce a national standard in October, but it is still in the approval stage.

  The CEO of an e-cigarette company told sina technology that the e-cigarette industry, like the old online taxi hailing, is also adapting to the new industry and exploring appropriate regulatory methods.He predicted that national standards would not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, possibly a licensing system, and that specific standards for e-cigarettes would be specified in detail.In this way, the hype and lack of strength of small and medium-sized enterprises can be eliminated, which is why some large e-cigarette companies welcome national standards and regulations.

  Leo, a partner at Bobai Capital, predicts that in the next six months the industry's model around horses will come to an end and the valuations of the mountain of e-cigarette companies will fall sharply.In addition, the whole industry will start vertical integration mergers and acquisitions.


  In the wake of the Internet ban, many e-cigarette companies need to start thinking about the future.

  National standards are coming to an end, and the end of the game will be similar: bubbles pop, speculators leave, and powerful rb glass bongs companies really survive.