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Which water bong and vaepen taste good?

by linbin on May 06, 2020

Water pipes for smoking is promoted to the old players, who usually do DIY. DIY focuses on winding silk, but winding is not so simple as hands.

  There are many kinds of filaments, "filaments have an impact on the fineness of smoke," taste better "also varies from person to person, I have never advocated the problem of variables, so skip it! It's almost a big category.

  I think we need to understand fundamentally what are the advantages of silk and vape pen and why silk will replace vegetarian silk in most cases.

  Generally speaking, the basic function of filament is to have a larger heating area than vape pen under the same resistance, while the dense filaments on the filament will be closer to heat transfer, and high heating efficiency means more evaporation of tobacco oil, more smoke and more taste bud sensation.

  Which water bong and vaepen taste good?

  In the last article on calculating the best flavor formula, we have already mentioned the most basic formula-"heating area+intake matching". here we need to make an extension to the previous article:

  Even if the air inlet is completely closed, the atomizer will never reach a vacuum, which means there will always be air in the atomizing area.

how to clean glass pipes and bongs

  Using filament to transpire smoke will make the smoke fill the atomizing area as much as possible and reduce the proportion of air.

  However, this does not mean that the plain silk is completely killed by the filament. As long as the heating area is increased, plain silk can also be made into "duplex" and plain silk also exists. Of course, in addition to the advantage of heating area, the silk thread will be wrapped in a fuller mist sprayer, but then the analysis ability will decline, for example, if you drink Italian concentration, if you add too much polysaccharide, then this cup of concentration will be completely sweet, while silk will lead to taste fatigue. I believe many small partners have a deep understanding of it. ?

  Up to now, silk has its excellent characteristics and occupies half of the water pipes for smoking market, but it cannot replace the oral suction feeling of high resistance plain silk.

  O-sprayer is a standard 22 mm sprayer, which supports pure silk and filament in design, so we can give a simple example: O-sprayer

  In the internal space, the O electrode has almost exhausted the atomizing space, in other words, water pipes, which reduces the space of the atomizing area as much as possible. Many factors affecting the atomizing space, such as the size of the screw rod to the position occupied by cotton, will affect the occupation of the atomizing area. However, oral data requires high resistance, low power, very little smoke generated by transpiration, and the atomizer cannot complete a complete vacuum. Therefore, even if the inlet air is completely closed and the atomizing area is not sucked, there will still be air in the atomizing area. Effectively reducing the atomizing space is also to reduce the proportion of air in the internal space as far as possible, so that transpiration smoke fully occupies the atomizing space. Smoke oil is also the focus of heating silk. Smoke VG suitable for mouth-suction atomizers is not high, such as nicotine salt smoke oil, which has strong aerodynamic force at present, so it is not necessary to produce high thermal effect on evaporation. Pure silk is used to select smoke type smoke oil, which will have slight problems.