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What is the reason why roor mini glass bong mouth is hot?

by linbin on April 30, 2020

The problem is directly related to coil data, power used, atomization chamber size and air intake.

  We know that the greater the power of using cheap glass pipes, the higher the calorific value.The lower the coil resistance at the same voltage, the higher the calorific value.The larger the atomization chamber, the smaller the heat storage and the larger the heat dissipation space.The larger the air intake, the more calories are burned.

  Then, we can better analyze which aspect of the problem is causing the severe rise of cheap glass pipes sprays.

  What is the reason why glass pipes mouth is hot?How to solve it?

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  If you are using nipples, tramps, ant axes, etc., then do not choose the lower resistance of equipment plus hot wire and fancy plus hot wire (low resistance and fancy plus hot wire need to use higher power to push, dry enough to achieve the proper form of the task).

  Because the air intake of the atomizer is usually small, the atomization chamber is very compact, and the heat from the hot wire can be easily transferred to the atomization chamber. In this case, the smoke temperature is too high to be suitable for use.

  Therefore, it is recommended to use a heating wire with a diameter of 0.4 filaments or less on the sprayer.

  Traditional oral oil storage glass hammer pipe atomizers, such as the KF series, firebird series, etc., have very small atomization silos and air passages, and the oil conduction path is usually small. The electrode column base is not suitable for the installation of thick hot wire.

  If the use of low resistance coils (using power consistent with the data) is mandatory, problems such as overheating of smoke, overheating of the glass hammer pipe, and insufficient oil supply speed will inevitably occur.

  What is the cause of glass pipes hot nozzle?How to solve it?

  Therefore, a heating wire with wire diameter less than 0.4 is recommended for this atomizing device.

  Non-oral glass hammer pipe sprays use very loose data, and they usually have a large atomizer with a large air flow, so most plus hot wires are compatible.

  Adopted complex heat wire double fancy, however, and resistance is lower than 0.15 Ω coil, or prone to overheating, can be appropriately reduced power use.

  Although the larger glass hammer pipe atomizer is larger than the mouth size, it is still impossible to reduce the size of the glass hammer pipe atomizer. The glass hammer pipe atomizer does not distribute heat well outside of the atomizer (stored soot oil absorbs most of the heat, but causes a change in the smell of the soot oil).

  Most glass hammer pipe sprays are designed to be airtight at the top, which is designed to increase the richness of the flavor, while also increasing the temperature of the smoke (definitely reducing the cooling effect).

  To some extent, the electrode column and oil conduction structure also determine that the oil storage atomizer cannot use the complex fancy hot wire and the limit resistance of the ordinary coil.

  For the oil storage atomizer, the author suggests to adopt the manufacturing method of 0.32 or 0.4 hot wire twin-wire winding, which is excellent in both coil cooling and flue gas evaporation.

  There is nothing to say about the finished sprayer, the manufacturer will design everything and the player will only need to use the recommended power given by the manufacturer to get a good experience.

  In a word, the reason for the overheat of glass hammer pipe atomizer is that we did not use coil data and appropriate power compatible with cheap glass pipes atomizer. Therefore, we need to know the status of cheap glass pipes atomizer in our hands, and then determine which coil data and output power to use according to the characteristics of the nozzle itself.