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Is mini glass bong bad for dogs?It's just as dangerous for dogs!

by linbin on April 30, 2020


  Now it seems there is something called mini glass bong among the young.People seem to think this new cigarette is healthier, so it has become a popular fashion product all over the world.I'm not a health expert and I can't explain whether mini glass bong is healthier.If we look at mini glass bong from a dog's point of view, then we think mini glass bong is just as dangerous for dogs as traditional cigarettes.

  Is mini glass bong bad for dogs?It's just as dangerous for dogs!

  First, let's take a look at the ingredients of mini glass bong, even though it burns without the presence of tar and carbon monoxide, which can be harmful to dogs.But mini glass bong can be called a cigarette because they still contain nicotine.So whether it's secondhand smoke from the owner or unburned smoky oil, the nicotine in it can be deadly for the dog.

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  Is mini glass bong bad for dogs?It's just as dangerous for dogs!

  For dogs, inhaling more than 10 mg/kg of nicotine can lead to poisoning and death.Glass recycler bong nicotine not much less than regular cigarettes.Dogs can also be hurt by secondhand smoke.Is more dangerous, in pursuit of "taste", glass recycler bong introduced many different kinds of tobacco oil, including strawberry, raspberry, etc.These smells increase the likelihood that dogs will eat soot bombs.If the dog ate the ash-bomb, the dog's life would be the same.

  Glass recycler bong is bad for dogs?It's just as dangerous for dogs!

  "Dogs typically develop symptoms of nicotine poisoning within 15 to 90 minutes of ingesting too much of it," he said.Examples: hyperactivity, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, shaking, drooling, pupil narrowing, coma.The deeper the dog's poisoning, the more severe its symptoms.If something goes wrong, the owner needs to make sure the dog is exposed to his own sooty bomb, then give him immediate first aid, then contact the pet doctor and take him to the pet hospital.The first aid was simply vomiting.You can spit out the smoke that the dog has not digested, and you can determine how much smoke the dog has eaten.

  Glass recycler bong is bad for dogs?It's just as dangerous for dogs!

  For dogs, mini glass bong can be more dangerous than regular cigarettes in some cases.If your host has ever smoked a mini glass bong, be sure to note that your ash-bomb is well hidden.Do not touch the dog, and then keep the indoor ventilation, let the air away from the smoke produced by the harmful substances.Do a good job of cleaning.A better option is to smoke outdoors and give your family and dog an environmentally sound environment.After smoking, disinfect and wash your hands before touching the dog.After all, the owner's hand is one of the most secondhand smoke places.

  Are glass pipes and bongs bad for dogs?It's just as dangerous for dogs!

  Of course, the best option is to quit smoking.While the effectiveness of glass pipes and bongs is still a matter of debate, the switch to glass pipes and bongs is still a health hazard for dogs.Dogs don't care if their owners smoke, though.But as owners committed to taking care of them for the rest of their lives, are we really in the mood to look at dogs hurt by second-hand smoke?