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Novice players playing with glass dab bong some knowledge about glass dab bong

by linbin on April 30, 2020


  With the rise of glass dab bong, glass dab bong has entered public life.When scholars first came into contact with glass dab bong, they always had some small questions. Today, they will bring you some knowledge about glass dab bong.

  Novice sign-up for glass dab bong- some knowledge of glass dab bong

  1. Why does the stoma leak?

  This may occur if the fuel tank is not tightened, the apron in the sealing tank ruptured, and the atomizer apron is not restored.However, there are also examples of poor atomization quality due to the purchase of inferior atomizer.The DIY sprayer may also be leaking oil because there are too few cotton flowers.

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  2. Why is high end glass bongs smoke oil in your mouth?

  The injection method of smoke oil must be correct. The refueling method of each type of atomizer is different.When using the high end glass bongs, the end of the high end glass bongs battery needs to be facing down and cannot smoke like the actual smoke.In addition, pay attention to light smoke, because when the cigarette holder smoke is small, the smoke is too fast, will follow a small amount of smoke into the mouth.

  3. How long is the general life of the finished atomization core?

  It depends on how often you use it.The consumption rate of the finished sprayer will be different.In general, a very simple way to tell is that the same smoke in your mouth starts to change.Then there is the finished atomized core, which needs to be replaced quickly.

  4. How long will jet glass bong oil last?

  The smoke of a 10 ml bottle, according to the amount of smoke can use a week or so (10 ml = 10 boxes of cigarettes), each people smoking frequency and time is different, have a smoke half an hour, have a smoke have 10 minutes, some people have a lot of vital capacity, one mouthful smoke two three, according to the different personal use, cigarette consumption and power consumption are different!That's just to say that it's probably impossible to give a number mathematically.

  5. Why does jet glass bong feel like oil?

  The general reason is that jet glass bong heating wire is too close to the outlet, resulting in capillary phenomenon.Some jet glass bong fume is pumped directly through the air intake channel without atomization.Recheck the position of the heating wire and adjust the distance between the cotton core and the air inlet.