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What about cheap glass bongs?How to deal with it?

by linbin on April 30, 2020


  Many people encounter the phenomenon of "Fried oil" when they use cheap glass bongs, especially newcomers who have just come into contact with them.Under what circumstances can appear "fry oil" phenomenon?It turns out that the structural relationship between frying oil and atomizer is not very strong, which is usually caused by:


  What about cheap glass bongs?How to deal with it?

  A lot of the oil is cotton.We make perfect coils, and why we still use oil is probably because we wear less cotton.When we wear it, we clearly fill the loop with cotton, but because the cotton contracts, the cotton thins when it gets wet with soot oil and can't fill the coil.Dissatisfaction with the cotton in the middle of the coil causes the oil to be Fried, that is, heated inevenly.


  How about all that clown glass bongs?How to deal with it?

  Clown glass bongs frying oil and electricity are inevitable, for example, we use the low power resistance is 0.5 Ω.Usually, when we push to about 30W, we can relatively complete atomization, but if we use 20w or 15W, power is insufficient, will lead to slow heating speed, soot oil atomization speed is not fast enough, so there will be Fried oil, too high power will lead to Fried oil.

  Temperature control

  What about cheap glass bongs?How to deal with it?

  More likely is the frying oil and temperature control on the clown glass bongs.This is inevitable, because the temperature control needs to rise in an instant, belong to the output of the explosion point will also appear Fried oil phenomenon, and the temperature control of nearly 200 degrees using loose winding, than closed winding more likely to appear Fried oil.

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  The clown glass bongs oil

  What about cheap glass bongs?How to deal with it?

  VG/PG, 5vg5pg, 6vg4pg, etc., of which the proportion of Fried oil is 4vg6pg, which is the usual proportion of Malaysian soot oil, that is, the soot oil is not thick enough, will also appear Fried oil phenomenon.The lampblack oil of Malaysia is used very well, but sometimes deep-fried oil is also related to the proportion of lampblack oil.

  Unreal hot

  What about cheap glass bongs?How to deal with it?

  Why is fancy hot silk easy to fry?Simply put, because under the same resistance, fancy heating wire requires more heating wire quality than ordinary heating wire, so the normal power of heating wire cannot meet the output power of clapton, also will appear Fried oil phenomenon, as long as the power increase can solve the problem of Fried oil.


  All of the above can be in line with the situation, you will still have glass water bong frying oil, or you may have glass water bong oil bottle is too long, the smoke and air fusion degree is too high, will also have glass water bong frying oil phenomenon, and we use spray, oil droplets, are the same.After using, still can appear on cotton lampblack oil, one side is idle, also can appear Fried phenomenon every two days.