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Cheap glass bongs and traditional cigarettes: all have words for smoke, but they are very different

by linbin on April 29, 2020

      When it comes to cheap glass bongs, I'm sure many people are familiar with them.However, in both work and life, some gamers and non-gamers will ask, "what is the difference between cheap glass bongs and cigarettes?

  Although both names have the word "smoke", there is a fundamental difference between cheap glass bongs and traditional cigarettes.

  1. To appear in court

  Traditional cigarette: the shape is single, both are traditional cigarette shape with cigarette end.The only difference is the size, thickness and color of different brands.

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  Cheap glass bongs vary in shape, size and brand.

  Of 2.

  Traditional cigarette: tobacco products, tobacco treated by burning, smoke produced by smokers.Mainly contains tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine.

  Glass pink bong: the smoke produced by heating oil consists mainly of propylene glycol, plant glycerin, purified water, nicotine (nicotine salt) and edible flavorings.

  So the smoke that glass pink bong produces is actually "fog "-- liquid in the form of water vapor, a gas.

  The smoke from burning tobacco is actually "smoke "-- the gas that carries fine particles in its solid state.

  Smoke smoke refers to smoke produced when smoking, the gas phase composition accounts for 92% of the total smoke, mainly carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile low molecular alkanes and alkenes.The solid phase composition accounts for 8% of the total composition, that is, dust with particle size of 0.1~2 m, condensed into tar, each cigarette produces about 20-35 mg of tar (from baidu encyclopedia).

  3. Taste

  Traditional cigarettes: cigarettes give the user more of a single taste, much of it tobacco.

  Glass pink bong: glass pink bong oil has thousands of flavors to choose from, such as tobacco, fruit, desserts, beverages, compound flavors, etc.Players can feel the graded taste and strong fusion when inhaling, and the degree of flavor reduction is also the criterion to judge the quality of tobacco oil.

  4. Limit your nicotine intake

  Traditional cigarettes: cigarettes do not allow people to control their nicotine intake.

  The levels of nicotine in glass pink bong are different.The levels of nicotine in cheap glass bongs have never changed from nicotine to high intensity.People trying to reduce their nicotine use can start at any intensity and then taper off until they can buy nicotine-free smoke.

  5. Different burning principles

  Traditional cigarettes: cigarettes ignite paper, tobacco, and combustibles with an open flame.The combustion of cigarette paper and combustibles produces a large number of harmful gases. The mixture of gases produced by the combustion of tobacco is called tobacco smoke.Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, hundreds of which are harmful, as well as heavy metals and radioactive substances, which pose serious health risks.

  Cheap glass bongs: this works by atomizing the smoky oil into smoke by heating it.Smokey oils are mainly made up of nicotine, glycerin, water, plant extracts and other harmless ingredients.

  6. Different physical effects on others

  Traditional cigarettes: after lighting up, the smoke contains a lot of tar, nicotine, PM2.5 and other harmful substances, as well as dozens of carcinogens.It brings great trouble to people's lives and seriously harms human health.

  Led glass bong: because led glass bong is atomized fog, it will not produce second-hand smoke and will not affect the health of others.

  With the rapid development of led glass bong, the led glass bong industry has begun to show a broad development trend.For enterprises, while technological progress brings rapid development, we should adhere to professional ethics, practice industry norms, and bring more high-quality, healthy led glass bong products to the market.