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How often should the glass pipes and bongs atomizer be replaced?

by linbin on April 28, 2020

  Atomizer can be divided into "finished atomizer" and "RBA reconfigurable atomizer ".Accordingly, the atomizer core can also be divided into "finished product" and "RBA" type.Finished product core "is the unified processing of atomized core by the factory, which can be directly replaced if purchased by users.RBA core "is the user's own use of heating wire, cotton and other materials.

  How often should the glass pipes and bongs atomizer be replaced?

  Generally speaking, the service life of atomized core should be from 7 days to half a month.However, the life of the atomized core also varies greatly due to the frequency of each person's use and the smoke oil.

  The RBA's atomized core depends on everyone's habits.For example, some people like to replace the oil tank once a day or even once a day, while others replace it for three to five days, half a month or even a month.In general, the replacement frequency is more common, atomized core life is longer.

  How often do glass lung bong change?Factors affecting the life of atomized core

  Each person's usage habit and pursuit of experience effect determine the service life of atomization core, then, what are these factors?

  A. power

  The atomized core has a certain power range that can withstand. If the output power set by the user is too high, the high temperature generated by the coil will make the smoke oil evaporate, and the surrounding cotton will have no time to replenish the smoke oil, so as to produce a "paste core" and scrap.

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  B. oil smoke

  The higher the sugar content, the easier the "carbon", that is, when the coil atomized smoke oil, will form a black material on the coil, thus affecting the thermal efficiency of the coil and the flavor of the vaporized smoke, the taste and performance of the atomizer, similar to "paste core".

  C. there is no "run core".

  Before using the new atomizing core, the cotton should be soaked in the surrounding cotton with an appropriate amount of tobacco oil, that is, the "moisturizing core."This is convenient for the atomization core in the formal use of the process more smoothly to absorb the smoke oil.Generally need to wait more than 15 minutes to not wet the core directly into the smoke oil, otherwise it is easy to "paste core core".

  D. High VG smoke oil

  It is mainly due to the low viscosity and poor fluidity of the smoke oil, which reduces the oil conductivity of the atomized core oil, resulting in the reduced service life of the "paste core".

  How often should the glass pipes and bongs atomizer be replaced?How often to replace the atomizer core

  There is no fixed replacement cycle for the atomized core, and players decide whether to replace it according to their own experience:

  A. judge the taste of tobacco oil.During use, the tobacco oil gets worse, mixed with a whiff of paste (the smell of burning cotton) and even a "hot sound" to check if the atomized core has a "paste core".If that happens, you need to replace it."-

  B. Observe the inside of the atomizing core.You can remove the bunker, observe the atomizing core inside, see if there is any burning, discoloration and carbon accumulation of cotton around the drum, and decide whether to replace it according to the situation.


  The service life of atomized core mainly depends on the smoke oil and power, rather than arbitrary use of super power, reasonable pursuit of "high sugar, high VG" smoke oil, before the use of core wetting, can effectively extend the service life of atomized core.While "carbon accumulation" and "core sticking" are inevitable, they should be minimized.In addition, the correct disassembly and installation of atomizer, timely cleaning atomizer core, can also extend the glass bong shop service life of atomizer core, thus reducing the use cost.