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Play glass pipes and bongs

by linbin on April 28, 2020


  What are glass pipes and bongs?

  The traditional glass pipes and bongs we call the great smoke, I love the VOOPOO DRAG 2 and GeekVap triple defense 100 Wsolo.The smoke structure is divided into: host (box/rod), 18650 battery, sprayers (rda/rat/rdta), heating wire (finished product/production line), cotton, smoke oil (you can choose to have 0≤3 mg of nicotine, or you can choose to have a nicotine-free PG and VG).You'd better go to different places to buy these things separately.You'll also need a DIY kit.

  In a word, the introduction of traditional glass pipes and bongs has a high level, and the technical requirements for users are high and  expensive.If you are not good at technology, your glass pipes and bongs are rubbish.

  At present, what is common in China is not big smoke, but another form of glass pipes and bongs- small smoke, basically closed type can not inject their own smoke oil, ordinary brands are more and more."The glass pipes and bongs structure: mainframe (simple, small), smoke bombs (nicotine salts, almost no oil, can only be injected in foreign markets, such as VOOPOO's Tril and Smok's Nord).The glass pipes and bongs are easy to use and low cost, making them ideal for the mass market.

  In addition, there is a HNBglass pipes and bongs, which can be heated without burning.Glass pipes and bongs are expensive in Japan.Because I haven't used it yet, I won't say.

  All in all, the traditional big cigarettes are used by minority players (not, of course, in European and American countries, where big cigarettes are popular), and the small ones enter the mass market.

discount glass pipes and bongs

  ht glass bongs

  This is the main game because it is very profitable, but it also affects our judgment of whether a glass pipes and bongs is good, which is the key.

  Divided into: 1. Nicotine salt smoke oil, which is used for small smoke equipment.2. The main components of tobacco oil containing 0/3/6/12 mg of nicotine are PG and VG.3.THC smoke oil is a special equipment for pumping THC.The Chinese don't use it or they will go to jail.I don't comment on good or bad for fear of breaking the law and network management call me up and go to GG yourself.

  If you buy glass pipes and bongs, it is considered imported and it is made in a foreign country.It takes concentration.Although there are powerful tobacco manufacturers in China that can do oems, the domestic sales in Europe and the us are very rubbish and there are a lot of fake goods, because we are not a market for glass pipes and bongs, naturally people will not sell good things here.

  What are the hazards of glass pipes and bongs?

  On an individual level, there are exploding batteries, unscrupulous sales of low-quality oils, and discomfort caused by too much nicotine.

  Glass pipes and bongs are respected by many governments, including New Zealand and the UK.It's a healthier lifestyle than traditional  cigarettes.These countries also have well-established glass pipes and bongs regulatory and tax systems.

  Current situation of glass pipes and bongs in China

  Most people, like those born in the 1980s and 1990s, don't know glass pipes and bongs. When they hear glass pipes and bongs, they think they are cigarettes."More than 95% of shenzhen baoan's glass pipes and bongs are made by the company, but sales of glass pipes and bongs in China are negligible.In the past, there were a lot of glass pipes and bongs experience shops where you could buy tobacco oil and glass pipes and bongs, which are slowly closing down, but there are a lot of moon tide glass pipes and bongs shops, if you want to buy cigarettes, you can buy them here.But as an old steam, I won't buy small cigarettes.I have SMOKNORD and VOOPOVINCI, play for a while, then switch back to big cigarettes.Smoke is not playable.I don't smoke.I don't need a cigarette.I define cigarettes as a tool for quitting smoking.

  Where can I buy glass pipes and bongs and cigarette oil

  Xiaoyang has been to shopping centers, and now glass pink bong are available in all of them.There is big smoke on the grey channel, many enterprises do not sell the domestic market, because it is not a big smoke market, the Chinese are too smart to deal with the market.There are also rare glass pipes and bongs stores that sell cigarettes and oils.